DDS synthesizers replace crystals CB Radios

DDS synthesizers Michael Kane?shared his?post. 5 hrs Hope I am not getting outside of group topics, but for a few years now I have been experimenting with DDS synthesizers to replace crystals in old radio gear. This also makes it easy to use the numerous unloved and unwanted Aircraft and Marine radios that live in… Read more »


I am wiring into my Tram D201 – A RF Signal Frequency Counter. Also known as a Cymometer Tester The Chinese made?Cymometer Tester is available on ebay very cheaply and has some great features. These include – 8-15 V DC supply requirement Selectable Ferequency Offset – Positive and Subtractive Adjustable display brightness Large LED Digits… Read more »


The AX Crow Log Periodic Hybrid ?Yagi Horizontal Beam CB Antenna by Neville an original AX Member *RIP WHY a Hybrid LPDA YAGI Beam for Citizens Band Radio? BECAUSE it has many Advantages over Both?designs in GAIN & BANDWIDTH! This unique Antenna design proved itself over many years of on air availability in poor dx… Read more »


  Loss of all transmit is just one of the common symptoms caused by one shorted tiny filter capacitor. Another one will kill all receiver audio, and another will kill all mike audio, but still show you a dead carrier on AM transmit. The part causing your failure is just one of a half-dozen of… Read more »


Computer Displayed?Location (QTH) and Callsign of CB?operators within DX range Listening (RX) or Talking (TX). While I have a few different ideas to improve the general overall usability of Citizens Band radio stations, my most wanted Wish List item is a means of recognising the general area of Location (QTH) and Callsign of CB?operators with… Read more »


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