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AX Crow LP Yagi Beam CB Antenna

The AX Crow Log Periodic Hybrid  Yagi Horizontal Beam CB Antenna by Neville an original AX Member *RIP WHY a Hybrid LPDA YAGI Beam for Citizens Band… Read more »

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  • Reduce RFI / QRN Noise at the Antenna

    Reduce RFI / noise at the antenna Extremely severe Plasma TV noise from my wifes 2005 62″ LG which by pure chance or design occurs right on… Read more »

    DUAL DDRR C0-Phased Citizens Band HF Antenna Array

    In layman’s terms a DDRR is just a short vertical monopole (vertical post) attached to a transmission line tuned by a reactance (ring plus vacuum capacitor). The reactance of the capacitor is transformed by the transmission line and will under specific conditions (length, value of the capacitor, etc.) make the vertical post resonant. Slight variations of the capacitor will lengthen or make the transmission line “shorter” and allow tuning of the antenna on a certain range.

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  • CB Radio Antennas at Barracuda Base

    The DDRR looks like a piece of rubbish and it is, it just does not perform like it looks. It performs EXCELLENTLY!! DDRR means Directional Discontinuity Ring Radiator

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