CB Radio QTH ONAIR Indicator PC Map Display

Computer Displayed?Location (QTH) and Callsign of CB?operators within DX range Listening (RX) or Talking (TX). While I have a few different ideas to improve the general overall usability of Citizens Band radio stations, my most wanted Wish List item is a means of recognising the general area of Location (QTH) and Callsign of CB?operators with… Read more »


WINRADIO RESOURCE PAGE including Australian Frequencies for HF – VHF – UHF To be populated with .wrm Frequency files soon – LIST of ALL HF Australian Frequencies Below http://cqdx11.com/amateur-radio/hf-high-frequencies/australian-hf-high-frequencies-200khz-5000khz/   http://cqdx11.com/amateur-radio/hf-high-frequencies/australian-hf-high-frequencies-5000-10000-khz/   http://cqdx11.com/amateur-radio/hf-high-frequencies/australian-hf-high-frequencies-10000-20000-khz/   http://cqdx11.com/amateur-radio/hf-high-frequencies/australian-hf-high-frequencies-20000-30000-khz/   Communication from WinRADIO following… 1. WR-G303 series receivers Our new USB-based WR-G303e low-cost software-defined receiver is now in full… Read more »


Ham radio / Amateur radio, shortwave, CB, DSP software This information reproduced here for the benefit of all radio operators as the original website has been closed. Thanks Konrad, RIP. eSoftAnywhere DSP & more by Konrad Byers (VE1EXE) Among other things, eSoftAnywhere DSP & More performs DSP (digital signal processing) on radio audio signals. It… Read more »


DIPLOMA II ROS WEEKEND-CB 27 Mhz by European ROS Club ?www.europeanrosclub.com ROS EUROPEAN CLUB, invites CB Radio and?amateur operators worldwide, to a ROS Weekend on CB-27 MHz CH#40 & #36 USB In order to acquaint newcomers and continue to demonstrate the veterans utility, easy handling and operation of ROS mode, the ROS EUROPEAN CLUB, invites… Read more »


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