Electronic Repairs

Computer Displayed Location (QTH) and Callsign of CB operators within DX range Listening (RX) or Talking (TX). While I have a few different ideas to improve the general overall… Read more »

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  • : 43AX05
  • : Portarlington Australia

  • COBRA RADIOS & MODIFICATIONS This page is for informational/educational use only and comprised of archival URL information with back links.  NEW INFORMATION ON THE COBRA 148 NW… Read more »

    This Pioneer PDP-R06G media receiver was given to me by a friend to fix after another bright spark bridged the fuse that had blown on the PCB… Read more »

    CQ DX  – CQ DX – Contact us on the 11m Band if the DX is running to Melbourne Australia on CB CH# 35   CB Frequency… Read more »

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