COBRA RADIOS & MODIFICATIONS This page is for informational/educational use only and comprised of archival URL information with back links.? NEW INFORMATION ON THE COBRA 148 NW ST. Cobra has really shot themselves in the foot with this new radio, why you ask? I’m getting to that but first let me say that Cobra has… Read more »


Happy with my Uniden PC-122 Yellow Dot performance but hate looking at it and the crappy LED S meter! ?The performance of this PC-122 is amazing after being extensively tuned?in the audio sections. Unfortunately being built with no moving coil meter, just LEDs, it is difficult to know what the incoming signal really is. After… Read more »


This Pioneer PDP-R06G media receiver was given to me by a friend to fix after another bright spark bridged the fuse that had blown on the PCB and started it cooking at R31. The below post hires image on underside of PCB has at least told me the value of R31 which the schematic does… Read more »


CQ DX ?- CQ DX – Contact us on the 11m Band if the DX is running to Melbourne Australia on CB CH# 35 ? CB Frequency 27.355 LSB The Table below is in Test Mode so may not display any data at this time. [table id=1 /]       ?Galaxy Radios Galaxy 44V… Read more »


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