ANTSIG “UFO” Amplified Caravan TV Antenna for Radio Scanners Like any radio communication device, the humble radio scanner is only as good as the signals it receives from the many various transmission sources that abound in most countries. The key to getting the best reception is to enhance the signal capturing antenna for most gain… Read more »


Marine Radiotelephony transmissions including 27Mhz for distress, urgency, safety and calling communications ?As published by the Australian Goverment. Column 1Item Column 2Frequency(Channel number) Column 3Maximum transmitter output power Column 4Stations with which?person may communicate Column 5PurposeLimitations 1 27860 kHz(86) 4 watts pZ12 watts pX LCSMaritime ship stations Distress, urgency, safety and callingSupplementary to 27880 kHz… Read more »


CQ DX ?- CQ DX – Contact us on the 11m Band if the DX is running to Melbourne Australia on CB CH# 35 ? CB Frequency 27.355 LSB The Table below is in Test Mode so may not display any data at this time. [table id=1 /]       ?Galaxy Radios Galaxy 44V… Read more »


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