Pioneer PDP-R06G Media Receiver Repair

This Pioneer PDP-R06G media receiver was given to me by a friend to fix after another bright spark bridged the fuse that had blown on the PCB and started it cooking at R31. The below post hires image on underside of PCB has at least told me the value of R31 which the schematic does… Read more »


?Easily decode ADSB Aircraft data information on 1090 MHz . All you need is a TV USB Dongle that has the Realtek chipset and covers DVB-T, DAB & FM radio. In conjuction with a computer laptop or desktop and the appropriate decoding software, it possible to monitor local Aircraft traffic on a map display in… Read more »


What is the CB Radio Mountain Radio Challenge The MRC, or Mountain Radio Challenge,?started around?1980 by Tony and a group of aussie cb radio operators in Victoria. The idea was to see what distance could be achieved, on 27MHz CB Radio using ground wave.It was common to talk interstate or?overseas when the skip was running,… Read more »


Some SBE CB radio’s were microprocessor & keypad channel controlled.
Using the tried and proven SBE 817 Mobile CB radio chassis with the unusual 3 chip PLL system, the SBE company engineered the Console VI Base Station with a KeyPad under microprocessor control to select the 40 Channels as well as memory and channel scanning right through to 27.700 with a few mods.


ANTSIG “UFO” Amplified Caravan TV Antenna for Radio Scanners Like any radio communication device, the humble radio scanner is only as good as the signals it receives from the many various transmission sources that abound in most countries. The key to getting the best reception is to enhance the signal capturing antenna for most gain… Read more »


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