WINRADIO RESOURCE PAGE Australian Frequencies for HF – VHF – UHF

WINRADIO RESOURCE PAGE including Australian Frequencies for HF – VHF – UHF To be populated with .wrm Frequency files soon – LIST of ALL HF Australian Frequencies Below   Communication from WinRADIO following… 1. WR-G303 series receivers Our new USB-based WR-G303e low-cost software-defined receiver is now in full… Read more »


I have always been into Radio Scanners ever since there was any means to pull in all those radio transmissions that may be interesting to monitor. This has meant modifying early mobile phones to receive cell calls through to buying dedicated commercial radio scanners that offered all the modes and methods needed to overhear anything… Read more »


?Easily decode ADSB Aircraft data information on 1090 MHz . All you need is a TV USB Dongle that has the Realtek chipset and covers DVB-T, DAB & FM radio. In conjuction with a computer laptop or desktop and the appropriate decoding software, it possible to monitor local Aircraft traffic on a map display in… Read more »


ANTSIG “UFO” Amplified Caravan TV Antenna for Radio Scanners Like any radio communication device, the humble radio scanner is only as good as the signals it receives from the many various transmission sources that abound in most countries. The key to getting the best reception is to enhance the signal capturing antenna for most gain… Read more »


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