Totally Tune CB Band Melbourne Australia Any Channel-Frequency-Mode

When Skip wide open Totally Tune the CB Band in Melbourne Australia at any Channel /Frequency / Mode Go to my secure website here – works in Website Browsers Chrome etc and on all phones tablets & computers. NO software or downloads – CLICK >>? ? Guys, I went to a lot of trouble to… Read more »


SDR LIVE WEB TUNE-ABLE CB Citizens Band in Melbourne Australia. NOTHING to download and NO special software needed. Just go to my Website HERE Real Time Live TUNE-ABLE over 11m CB Band by you moving the YELLOW Tune Cursor with your mouse to any frequency or clicking on the waterfall where you see activity. Also… Read more »


Ever wanted to know more on the RX & TX characteristics of your CB Radio whilst in a QSO with a DX contact? Have you considered the options of using Tablet or PC’s to display the AUDIO and RF spectrum across 27 Mhz with a simple $20 SDR USB dongle?


I have always been into Radio Scanners ever since there was any means to pull in all those radio transmissions that may be interesting to monitor. This has meant modifying early mobile phones to receive cell calls through to buying dedicated commercial radio scanners that offered all the modes and methods needed to overhear anything… Read more »


?Easily decode ADSB Aircraft data information on 1090 MHz . All you need is a TV USB Dongle that has the Realtek chipset and covers DVB-T, DAB & FM radio. In conjuction with a computer laptop or desktop and the appropriate decoding software, it possible to monitor local Aircraft traffic on a map display in… Read more »


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