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Tram D201 VFO RF Signal Frequency Counter

Tram D201 VFO RF Signal Frequency Counter

I am wiring into my Tram D201 – A RF Signal Frequency Counter. How should connect the additional 110vac to 12v ac transformer I intend to use… Read more »

Cobra 2000 GTL Modifications

At LAST! A Cobra 2000 GTL! On my CB Radio Wish list for a long time it seems. Managed to hear someone mention on CB CH#35 LSB… Read more »

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  • CB Repairs Cobra 148 Gtl

      Loss of all transmit is just one of the common symptoms caused by one shorted tiny filter capacitor. Another one will kill all receiver audio, and… Read more »


    COBRA RADIOS & MODIFICATIONS This page is for informational/educational use only and comprised of archival URL information with back links.  NEW INFORMATION ON THE COBRA 148 NW… Read more »

    Ultimate SDR CB Radio – 43AX05

    Ever wanted to know more on the RX & TX characteristics of your CB Radio whilst in a QSO with a DX contact? Have you considered the options of using Tablet or PC’s to display the AUDIO and RF spectrum across 27 Mhz with a simple $20 SDR USB dongle?

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