CB Radios

CPI CP300 Mobile CB Radio

The Communications Power Incorporated USA Company CPI CP300 / CP400 is still a great CB Radio Mobile transceiver capable of working CB DX with the best of… Read more »

TRAM CB Radios

The Tram Diamond D201A CB Radio Base Station is a classic valve powered transceiver.  The Tram D201 range has excellent specifications and reflects this in its rich… Read more »

SBE Side Band Engineers CB Radios

Some SBE CB radio’s were microprocessor & keypad channel controlled.

Using the tried and proven SBE 817 Mobile CB radio chassis with the unusual 3 chip PLL system, the SBE company engineered the Console VI Base Station with a KeyPad under microprocessor control to select the 40 Channels as well as memory and channel scanning right through to 27.700 with a few mods.

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  • CPI Communications Power Inc

    CPI – “The leaders in a whole new class of CB transceivers.” The catch phrase of the CPI CB Radio Manufacturing company in the 1970’s. These superlative… Read more »

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