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Results: 451?-?500?of?12580?results.??< Prev.????Next > CB Radio Reviews -Page 10 Astatic 636 L Cb Microphone Review? “http://www.rightchannelradios.com/cb-radio-microphones-76/ A quality, affordable upgrade from standard mics, the Astatic 636 CB radio microphone is an excell… “Total Views: 16,270?|?Length:??|?Published:?11/21/2008?|?Ave.?Rating:?3.8?from?10 ratings Ssb Cb Review? “Another vid from 2011 and not shown before. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?1:00?|?Published:?11/17/2013?|?Ave. Rating: Not rated yet “watergate”… Read more »


  LIVE VISUAL QTH MAPPING by Computer & Soundcard Non Specific Band or Mode operation by ACARS like squitters. OPEN RADIO AMATEUR or CB QTH PROJECT? Can you help in this worthwhile cause to benefit all HF DX radio operators? Scan or monitor the HF, VHF & UHF Bands for live transmissions and see the… Read more »


Introducing the?CPI BC-2000 Base Console   The BC 2000 Base Console from CPI is the perfect companion for CPI’s CP2000B CB radio Base Station. ? One Companion CPI Base Console. Six functional operations. Communications Power Inc. most complete high-performance CB Radio accessory ever! CPI developed?built in capabilities 0f the BC-2000 begins with the exclusive, 7-digit… Read more »


The Communications Power Incorporated USA Company CPI CP300 / CP400 is still a great CB Radio Mobile transceiver capable of working CB DX with the best of the new CB radios being produced out of Asia. The specifications of the CPI range of CB radios are extremely difficult to better, even with new technology and… Read more »


The Tram Diamond D201A CB Radio Base Station is a classic valve powered transceiver. ?The Tram D201 range has excellent specifications and reflects this in its rich full audio receive tones and superlative transmitted studio sounding output audio. I believe I still own one of these but it is near 18 months since I gave… Read more »


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