Tram D201 VFO RF Signal Frequency Counter Cymometer Tester 0.1 MHz ~ 65 MHz

I am wiring into my Tram D201 – A RF Signal Frequency Counter. Also known as a Cymometer Tester The Chinese made?Cymometer Tester is available on ebay very cheaply and has some great features. These include – 8-15 V DC supply requirement Selectable Ferequency Offset – Positive and Subtractive Adjustable display brightness Large LED Digits… Read more »


At Last I have got my Tram D201 Valve CB Radio Base Station back from my techo, Adrian, in great operating condition after he replaced a few valves and a lot of important resistors and caps. He cautioned me that it was not to his optimum requirements and still needed a lot of out of… Read more »


Bellhoppers Tram D201 CB Radio Base Station As I have just got my Tram D201 back from my favourite cb radio tech, Adrian, I will?start to write a lot more about this classic vintage “boat anchor” TRAM D201. He worked for the previous Tech’s Radio Repair company who had it for three years without touching… Read more »


The Tram Diamond D201A CB Radio Base Station is a classic valve powered transceiver. ?The Tram D201 range has excellent specifications and reflects this in its rich full audio receive tones and superlative transmitted studio sounding output audio. I believe I still own one of these but it is near 18 months since I gave… Read more »


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