Put your radio Shack on display! You are proud of your radio shack, aren’t you? It seems that as the CB & Ham radio user population has thinned out over the last thirty years, the vast number of radio transceivers that existed in the hands of the general population globally have been collected by the… Read more »

🔥2 CB Radio Live Stream from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia After much testing I have finally setup an ASUS Laptop with Streaming Software to Live Stream CB Radio Channel 35 LSB to YOUTUBE. Using YOUTUBE gives me more control of adverts on the stream and at least I get a small amount if you click them…. Read more »


At Last I have got my Tram D201 Valve CB Radio Base Station back from my techo, Adrian, in great operating condition after he replaced a few valves and a lot of important resistors and caps. He cautioned me that it was not to his optimum requirements and still needed a lot of out of… Read more »


Bellhoppers Tram D201 CB Radio Base Station As I have just got my Tram D201 back from my favourite cb radio tech, Adrian, I will?start to write a lot more about this classic vintage “boat anchor” TRAM D201. He worked for the previous Tech’s Radio Repair company who had it for three years without touching… Read more »


Introducing the?CPI BC-2000 Base Console   The BC 2000 Base Console from CPI is the perfect companion for CPI’s CP2000B CB radio Base Station. ? One Companion CPI Base Console. Six functional operations. Communications Power Inc. most complete high-performance CB Radio accessory ever! CPI developed?built in capabilities 0f the BC-2000 begins with the exclusive, 7-digit… Read more »


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