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CQDX11.com CB Radio Live Stream from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

CQDX11.com CB Radio Live Stream from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia After much testing I have finally setup an ASUS Laptop with Streaming Software to Live Stream CB Radio… Read more »

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  • : 43AX05
  • : Portarlington Melbourne Australia
  • TRAM D201 23 Channel Valve Base Station CB Radio

    At Last I have got my Tram D201 Valve CB Radio Base Station back from my techo, Adrian, in great operating condition after he replaced a few… Read more »

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  • : Bellhopper
  • : Portarlington Victoria Australia
  • TRAM D201 CB Radio Vintage Classic

    Bellhoppers Tram D201 CB Radio Base Station As I have just got my Tram D201 back from my favourite cb radio tech, Adrian, I will start to write… Read more »

    CB Radio Antennas at Barracuda Base

    The DDRR looks like a piece of rubbish and it is, it just does not perform like it looks. It performs EXCELLENTLY!! DDRR means Directional Discontinuity Ring Radiator

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  • : AlphaXray Number Five
  • : Portarlington Australia
  • CPI BC-2000 Base Console

    Introducing the CPI BC-2000 Base Console The most complete high-performance CB Radio accessory ever The CPI BC-2000 Base Console from CPI is the perfect companion for CPI’s CP2000B… Read more »

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