HOW FaceBook Secure Register Login WORKS

It is simple to immediately operate in the website when you SECURE Register or Login with your FaceBook NAME! You can change the name displayed on the website to be different from your initial FB login name in ‘EDIT my Profile’ settings. Go to ‘NickName’ and change to?the Name or Callsign you want, then go… Read more »


DIPLOMA II ROS WEEKEND-CB 27 Mhz by European ROS Club ? ROS EUROPEAN CLUB, invites CB Radio and?amateur operators worldwide, to a ROS Weekend on CB-27 MHz CH#40 & #36 USB In order to acquaint newcomers and continue to demonstrate the veterans utility, easy handling and operation of ROS mode, the ROS EUROPEAN CLUB, invites… Read more »


UK Citizens? Band (CB) radio ? OFCOM Authorising Amplitude Modulation (AM) and SSB modes of operation from August 2014? 1 Section 1 1 OFCOM Executive Summary 1.1 This Statement sets out Ofcoms decision to proceed with proposals made in our Consultation Citizens Band (CB) radio Authorising Amplitude Modulation (AM) modes of operation (the Consultation’) which… Read more »


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