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ALPHA  XRAY  CB Radio Club, an International  Syndicate  of   Professional Citizens Band CB Radio Operators

The Alpha-Xray CB Club International Syndicate was created by a group of highly mobile and extremely powerful ( 200+ PEP Watts ) Eleven metre CB Radio stations that operated consistently on the one frequency since about 1973?

In the early days of CB Radio Single Sideband 27 Mhz in Melbourne Australia, there seemed to be a few very strong mobile CB stations that could always take control of the Citizens Band Radio main  call channel (Channel 16, 27.155 LSB )  where ever they seemed to be mobile at the time.  Over a short time span there were about half a dozen individuals that had been bitten by the CB radio bug bad!

This accounted for their superiority over other base and mobile CB Radio stations by virtue of the fact that these guys had spent some time and money setting up their mobiles with some serious 11 metre linear amplifiers of around 200 -500 whiskeys and cb mobile antenna’s that put out signals that were hard for other CB Radio Base stations to get over!

Because of this, the first four pro-creator’s of the future worldwide CB Radio Alpha-Xray International Syndicate had somehow come to the inevitable “CB EYEBALL”.

After getting together for drinks and the usual waffle that goes on after a few times, the notion was raised that we form a bit of a cb group and use a common identifying cb call sign. Well there was some idea’s for consideration!!

To make a long story longer, I would like to say that I was the one that thought of the AX callsign as it was the alternate Australian HAM call to VK that was ever rarely used. Now some could dispute this and to be truthfull I really cant remember the exact discussions and who thought of what! We did often refer to AX as “Amber Xpress” on occasions too!

But whatever transpired , it started the foundations of the awsome Alpha-Xray International CB Radio Syndicate. Whatever!