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Put your radio Shack on display! You are proud of your radio shack, aren’t you? It seems that as the CB & Ham radio user population has thinned out over the last thirty years, the vast number of radio transceivers that existed in the hands of the general population globally have been collected by the… Read more »


Michael Kane?shared his?post. 5 hrs Hope I am not getting outside of group topics, but for a few years now I have been experimenting with DDS synthesizers to replace crystals in old radio gear. This also makes it easy to use the numerous unloved and unwanted Aircraft and Marine radios that live in dark corners…. Read more »


I am wiring into my Tram D201 – A RF Signal Frequency Counter. Also known as a Cymometer Tester The Chinese made?Cymometer Tester is available on ebay very cheaply and has some great features. These include – 8-15 V DC supply requirement Selectable Ferequency Offset – Positive and Subtractive Adjustable display brightness Large LED Digits… Read more »


When Skip wide open Totally Tune the CB Band in Melbourne Australia at any Channel /Frequency / Mode Go to my secure website here – works in Website Browsers Chrome etc and on all phones tablets & computers. NO software or downloads – CLICK >>? ? Guys, I went to a lot of trouble to… Read more »


SDR LIVE WEB TUNE-ABLE CB Citizens Band in Melbourne Australia. NOTHING to download and NO special software needed. Just go to my Website HERE Real Time Live TUNE-ABLE over 11m CB Band by you moving the YELLOW Tune Cursor with your mouse to any frequency or clicking on the waterfall where you see activity. Also… Read more »


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