Tram D201 VFO RF Signal Frequency Counter Cymometer Tester 0.1 MHz ~ 65 MHz

I am wiring into my Tram D201 – A RF Signal Frequency Counter.

Also known as a Cymometer Tester

The Chinese made?Cymometer Tester is available on ebay very cheaply and has some great features.

These include –

  • 8-15 V DC supply requirement
  • Selectable Ferequency Offset – Positive and Subtractive
  • Adjustable display brightness
  • Large LED Digits for full frequency display plus .1 in HF Band


Dec 12, 2017


PLJ-6LED-A RF Signal Frequency Counter Cymometer Tester 0.1 MHz ~ 65 MHz Red??View similar items????View seller’s other items

How should I connect the additional 110v ac to 12v ac transformer I intend to use to supply isolated and rectified 12vDC power for the Freq counter and later a DDS??

TO THE 110Vac input line in SERIES and NOT Parallel as shown on power supply diag.?
Does it make any difference?
Well thats how I did it and the counter works well but the radio does not seem to power up.
2018-JAN-22? Looking into why…..? ?ANY relevant comments welcome…

The frequency counter fitted temporarily with cable ties to the top of the Tram D201 Speaker grill after the original full size speaker has been replaced with a smaller unit to allow for the counter to fit behind the grill.
The smaller speaker is OK but I always use an external one through a Behringer unit anyway.

VFO – ZL1CVD DDS – Assembled…


On order expected in January or February 2018….ZL1CVD DDS module? fully assembled and tested. You buy or make a case to suit your transmitter. Powered from your transmitter filament or low voltage supply (you must rectify it..). If you would like it in a kit to assemble I will entertain the idea if there is some demand….. Firmware and some nice pictures of an Italian ham’s use of the VFO can be found in the Technical Data link on this site under DDS or on Chris’s site –
AX05 :