CB Radio QTH ONAIR Indicator PC Map Display

Computer Displayed?Location (QTH) and Callsign of CB?operators within DX range Listening (RX) or Talking (TX).

While I have a few different ideas to improve the general overall usability of Citizens Band radio stations, my most wanted Wish List item is a means of recognising the general area of Location (QTH) and Callsign of CB?operators with their radio turned on and listening (RX) or talking (TX).
This system should allow the operator to RX any channel and if there is another operator who TX’s on that channel his QTH & Callsign should display on the PC Map with relevant information.
Laptop Map
To recognise the location of the TX station would be by a PC Map system that accepts the input to the sound card from the radio speaker output that can decode the Audio High Speed Data Burst (HSDB) and display the QTH in real time on the map.


To me this should be comprised of a fairly simple QTH-ON-AIR?BOX that has a microphone input and output line to transceiver mic input.
This QTH-ON-AIR BOX should be able to do the following with switchable modes;

  1. operate as a standard interface passthru from Mic to Txvr, with possible light to indicate TX mode. (<OFF)
  2. operate in a standby mode that auto keys mic TX HSDB at time settable intervals (<AUTO)
  3. be able to TX an audio burst of high speed data at request
  4. be able to be programmed by PC via USB with the location HSDB?plus callsign
  5. to TX HSDB?as a defacto “Roger Beep” at end of transmissions (<RB)
  6. other things I have not thought of yet – lol. CAN YOU??
Possible Design of required Features for QTH-ON-AIR BOX
Possible Design of required Features for QTH-ON-AIR BOX

QTH-ON-AIR?BOX Components

  1. Small metal container with 4 position switch and Mic Socket plus lights on front
  2. Mic output Socket on rear plus USB input & ?
  3. internal battery or power input from USB or plugpack
  4. PCB & electronics for HSDB storage and injection into mic audio line
  5. Someone to design PCB & electronics


Potential Software currently available that could do the required operations.

First that comes to mind after many years of use is WACARS, the free and functional ACARS aircraft tracking software!
Has the exact functions required to achieve all the needed operations for use as a CB QTH Locator instead of aircraft indicator.
While the system is proprietary to a couple of ex Ansett guys, (Hi Murray) we dont need to worry too much about that as we are not infringing their action in the Aircraft band. (I trust.)Wacars-RX
My basic idea is that you would program the QTH-ON-AIR?BOX electronics with the GeoLocation HSDB from the AUDIO recording of a local aircraft nearby from the Wacars program receiving at the correct airband frequency. This is the only time you would need to use the airband to RX!
The general operation of the QTH-ON-AIR?BOX would be to insert the HSDB audio through the mic line on keyoff as a Roger Beep at end of each transmission on the selected cb channel of operation.
Most operators will accept this HSDB chirp as a roger beep without complaint but it could be turned off after initial contact for QSO.
The Wacars program is old and easily modified to do the job in hand but is powerful enough to display QTH on MAP and save most data to inbuilt contact databases. Databases are flat file and easily modified for the use of this system.
So the Software is freely available and would be a simple download from www.CQDX11.com
The major hurdle to the system is the design and construction of the PCB electronics and BOX to make it all viable.
I am sure there must be someone out there who could do this in his sleep it is probably that simple to do.
But that person is not me, so I am asking you if you can do it?
As far as I am aware there is not current product on the market to do this, even in the HAM Radio spectrum of operations.
So there could be a sizeable market for a product like this at a reasonable price point.

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