SDR LIVE WEB TUNE-ABLE CB RADIO 26MHz-28MHz Melbourne Australia

SDR LIVE WEB TUNE-ABLE CB Citizens Band in Melbourne Australia.

NOTHING to download and NO special software needed. Just go to my Website HERE

Real Time Live TUNE-ABLE over 11m CB Band by you moving the YELLOW Tune Cursor with your mouse to any frequency or clicking on the waterfall where you see activity. Also selecting the mode and other parameters in the control box all in real time can set volume, squelch, zoom, full band or closeup to tune accurately.

LIVE TUNABLE 26MHz to 28MHz on my new website here?

– Goto the top RHS of page and toggle STATUS – LOG – RECEIVER Icons then set the Right Hand Side sliders for best visual performance with RECEIVER BOX.
Top RHS Slider – click small box at start of Slider for Auto, then select Bottom Slider Dot all way to RHS which seems to give best resolution of Blue background and White signal activity which is clearest to use.
If you get echo make sure you have clicked STATUS on top RHS so you can see the Audio Buffer Tab on Bottom LHS screen is not in red colour.
If it is showing Red just refresh the website browser tab to reload, and it will clear cache.

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