Ultimate SDR CB Radio ? 43AX05

Ultimate SDR CB Radio ? 43AX05

I have become interested in building the ULTIMATE SDR CB RADIO ? The PC-122-701 SDR
This is based on an existing CB Base Station I have already that works well on TX & RX. BUT it could be any premium CB Radio Transceiver!

My?Uniden PC-122 Yellow Dotted HYBRID Icom IC-701 SDR Panadapter Tablet display will be similar to the latest Ham SDR Display Transceivers!

Building the ULTIMATE CB RADIO (43AX05) from my Uniden PC-122 Mobile CB radio built into an?ICOM IC701 Ham radio with AUDIO & RF Visual Displays via SDR Panadapter.
The obvious advantages are the use of the IC-701 Large Signal Meter for really seeing what is happening instead of the small LED Lights of the PC-122.

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