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3rd. World Day of ROS Mode – The World CB Radio digital Day

General Rules for the World Day of CB Radio Digital ROS Mode

Date: Sunday, 04/05/2014
Time (UTC): 06:00 to 23:00
11m CB 25 USB
Frequency: 27.245MHz USB

Facebook group for fans of the World Day of ROS fashion!
For a noise free World Day of ROS Mode we have established the following rules with the observance please.
?1. For your own interest and in the interest of all participants keep Transmissions as short as possible.
?2. Please use international 11m Call Signs and valid Locators
?3. Working on ROS Contests or general ROS events, please work with beacon switched off whenever possible.
?4. If Beacon is switched on, then activate only the E-Mail Report please.
?5. Please work with a transmission Symbol Rate of 8 and receiving Symbol Rate of 16-8-4
?6. Please use Shortcuts in your Transmission whenever possible.
?7. Please finish your QSO with the Word ?End?.
For more detailed information please have a look at:
General Information => http://www.9cb.de/ros.html
ROS Modem Site => http://rosmodem.wordpress.com
11m Prefix List => http://www.livecbradio.com/ssb-cb-radio-country-list.htm
HAM Shortcuts => http://eric.tiggemann.de/funk-abk.htm
PSK Reporter => http://pskreporter.info
Locator Finder => http://f6fvy.free.fr/qthLocator/fullScreen.php
The Initiators wish all participants a successful 1. World Day of ROS Mode and a lot of fun on 11 m.
Rene & Alexander
Rules for ROS
International rules for ROS

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