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Ge 3-5825a Ssb Am Cb Radio 02a Pll Cybernet General Electric Review?
“Not a real common radio here in the States. There was a 3-5825B version made as well that seems less common than the A version. If anyone knows the differenc… “
Total Views: 5,917?|?Length:??|?Published:?10/01/2011?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?17 ratings
Realistic Trc-480 40 Channel Am / Ssb (single Side Band) Cb Radio With Scan Feature Review?
“http://www.cbradiomagazine.com This is a short review / overview of the TRC-480 SSB radio which is the cousin of the base version TRC-459. We display the fea… “
Total Views: 8,815?|?Length:?5:31?|?Published:?02/14/2009?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.69?from?23 ratings
Robyn Sb540d Rare Collectible Am Ssb Big Base Station Cb Radio Review?
“This is available for sale. Super rare and hard to find, the Robyn SB-540D CB radio from the late 70’s. This was produced during the height of the CB boom an… “
Total Views: 3,778?|?Length:?3:50?|?Published:?07/22/2011?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?11 ratings
Realistic Trc465 Am Ssb Cb Radio 38lsb Review?
“NOS Realistic Radio Shack TRC 465 AM SSB CB Radio with 40 year old Starduster Antenna. “
Total Views: 1,170?|?Length:?4:40?|?Published:?05/17/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?1 ratings
Rystl Cb 4082, 40 Ch, Am Ssb, Cb Radio Picture Show Review?
“Rystl CB-4082, 40 channels AM/SSB CB-radio by CYBERNET. Is using the PTBM 048AOX Board. Some clones are manufactured. PWR abt. 4 Watt AM / 12 Watt SSB. This … “
Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?1:17?|?Published:?01/04/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?5 ratings
Electrophone Tx560 Am Ssb Cb Radio On Ebay Review?
” “
Total Views: 1,462?|?Length:?2:11?|?Published:?02/07/2010?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?3 ratings
Sears Road Talker 40 Ssb Am Slant Face 934.38270700 Cb Radio Base Or Mobile Review?
“The big and heavy Sears RoadTalker 40 slant face SSB/AM. It can be run off of AC or DC. Excellent performing radio in all modes. Actual model number is 934.3… “
Total Views: 2,579?|?Length:?14:24?|?Published:?11/08/2011?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?11 ratings
Cb Radio Test Colt 485 Dx Black Shadow Ssb Review?
“Breve recensione di questa radio con 80 canali visualizzati, AM-USB-LSB, 10 watt AVG. Caratteristica di questo cb (che ? completamente originale), oltre che … “
Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?2:27?|?Published:?09/11/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?2 ratings
Vintage Clean Robyn Sb-520d Cb Base Radio Ssb Good Condition Review?
” “
Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?:27?|?Published:?03/27/2013?|?Ave. Rating: Not rated yet
Mars Radio Corporation Mrc M-458 Portable Ssb/am-cb-radio Review?
“I’ve find this Radio on ebay Switzerland. It’s a very rare portable rig. But there is a Problem with the SSB-Modulation. The balanced Modulator IC is OK. No … “
Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?1:49?|?Published:?05/09/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?1 ratings
Am/fm-ssb Transceiver Cb Radio Review?
“This radio does work, and receives. Just not sure why the needle does not move when you key it up. Other than that good radio. Just when I key up, nobody res… “
Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?4:12?|?Published:?10/14/2013?|?Ave. Rating: Not rated yet
Zodiac Consul, 40ch, Am-fm-ssb, Cb-radio Picture-show Review?
“The ZODIAC CONSUL is one of the finest manufactured SSB-Radios in Europe. Some versions for different countries are realized: 22 Channels AM/FM/SSB, 500 mill… “
Total Views: 1,153?|?Length:?1:39?|?Published:?01/04/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?1 ratings
Zodiac Ssb 15072 Cb-radio Inbox Overview Review?
“ZODIAC SSB 15072: A short look into the uncovered chassis. 23 CH AM/USB/LSB High-End CB-Radio Basestation manufactured by UNIDEN 1972. Co- production between… “
Total Views: 1,022?|?Length:?1:34?|?Published:?03/19/2011?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?7 ratings
Motorola Cm-550, System 500 Cb Radio Am/ssb. Review?
“I bought this rig from ebay USA. expensive. apparenty Motorola the PMR professional radio company made these in the 1980’s for the police cars which needed t… “
Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?1:14?|?Published:?05/29/2014?|?Ave. Rating: Not rated yet
Pearce Simpson Super Lion Mkii Am/ssb Cb Radio 27mhz Review?
“I bought one of these back in 1990 and loved it. Never let me down that radio, and it used to boom out. “
Total Views: 1,136?|?Length:?2:03?|?Published:?07/13/2011?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?3 ratings
Alpha 10 Max Am-1000 10 Meter Export Cb Radio Overview By Cbradiomagazine.com Review?
“http://www.cbradiomagazine.com – This is an overview of the new Alpha 10 Max AM-1000 AM/FM/SSB/CW 10 meter export radio. Note: Radio does not have a micropho… “
Total Views: 68,009?|?Length:?28:19?|?Published:?12/25/2010?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.76?from?170 ratings
Pearce Simpson Super Cheetah Mkiii Am/ssb Cb Radio Car 4wd Review?
” “
Total Views: 1,213?|?Length:?3:37?|?Published:?04/17/2011?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?1 ratings
President Grant Export Cb Radio With Black Front – Ssb Rx Review?
” “
Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?2:26?|?Published:?02/01/2014?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?1 ratings
Cb Radio Ssb Nz Pickn On Aussies Review?
“skips in. “
Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?:45?|?Published:?02/19/2014?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?1 ratings
1976 Midland 79-893 Cb Radio Early 40 Ch Ssb Review?
” “
Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?1:44?|?Published:?10/30/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?3 ratings
Galaxy 2547 Big Base Modern Cb Radio Review?
“Here’s a demo of the Galaxy 2547 CB radio. AM, SSB. No FM. Upper’s and Downer’s, Freq counter, variable power (2-8 watts deadkey) full featured CB radio Base… “
Total Views: 19,670?|?Length:?8:11?|?Published:?01/11/2010?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.55?from?27 ratings
President Madison Cb Radio From 1977 Review?
“Vintage cb radio from the past President Madison.Only AM/SSB power output AM 4 watt SSB 12 watt.26.965 to 27.405 MHz. “
Total Views: 2,644?|?Length:?7:14?|?Published:?09/04/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?8 ratings
Uniden Pro810e 27mhz Am/ssb Base Station Cb Radio Review?
“A great radio. Plugs straight into 240V. All you need is an antenna and coax and it’s ready to go. “
Total Views: 1,076?|?Length:?3:47?|?Published:?10/17/2010?|?Ave.?Rating:?3.0?from?2 ratings
Very Old Vintage Alpha W65 Am/ssb Cb Made In Japan Review?
“This cb is pre 1970 solid state and is really huge and made like a brick, never seen a radio like this, has 5.120 local oscilator which doubles to 10.240 and… “
Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?4:17?|?Published:?03/19/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?4 ratings
My Northpoint 40 Ssb Channel Base Station Cb Radio On Late In The Night Review?
“My NORTHPOINT 40 SSB Channel Base Station CB Radio on late in the nite. “
Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?1:10?|?Published:?08/07/2011?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?2 ratings
Magnum 1012 Am/fm/ssb Expanded Frequency Conversion 10 & 12 Meter / Cb Radio Review?
“This video will show how to modify the Magnum 1012 Hand Held radio for extended frequencies coverage. Options are available for different regions etc , CB ra… “
Total Views: 31,833?|?Length:?8:09?|?Published:?05/17/2011?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.95?from?92 ratings
Listening To Skip On My New Galaxy Dx2547 C.b. Radio On Ssb Lower 38 Review?
“Listening to skip on my new Galaxy DX 2547 C.B. Base Station on CH.38 lower side band. “
Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?1:27?|?Published:?07/15/2014?|?Ave. Rating: Not rated yet
Royce 640 Am/ssb Cb Base Radio 1-640 Review?
“This was the top of the line Royce CB during the 23 channel days. Build date of August 1975 on the rear data tag. “
Total Views: 1,597?|?Length:?8:19?|?Published:?07/11/2011?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?10 ratings
Ham International Jumbo Cb Radio Ssb/am/fm Review?
” “
Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?3:46?|?Published:?03/16/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?1 ratings
Galaxy Dx959 Am Ssb Sideband Cb Radio Review?
“This is the Galaxy DX959 sidebander CB radio. An excellent performer. One of the few CB radios that were designed with a J310 balanced mixer in the receiver … “
Total Views: 3,546?|?Length:?13:12?|?Published:?12/26/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?11 ratings
Cb Radio Stalker 9 Am Ssb Radio Rx Ing On 385lsb And 555 Usb Review?
“here we have a good old bus they dont make radios like this anymore the old girl is doing its job …. “
Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?7:46?|?Published:?10/11/2011?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?1 ratings
Vintage Cobra 142 Gtl Am/ssb Base Station Cb Radio For Sale At Www.famousturtletreasures.com Review?
“http://stores.ebay.com/Famous-Turtles-Treasures http://www.famousturtletreasures.com. “
Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?:23?|?Published:?09/29/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?1.0?from?2 ratings
Lafayette Afs-805 Mk2 Ham-cb-radio By Cybernet Review?
“Lafayette AFS-805 MKII, AM/FM/SSB, CB/HAM-Radio transceiver abt. 100 watts HF-output and 200 channels on 11/10mtrs Band. The design of this rig, is very simi… “
Total Views: 3,611?|?Length:?1:30?|?Published:?01/12/2011?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?4 ratings
Cb Radio Twin Battery Set Up Ssb Review?
“Ready for dx. “
Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?:08?|?Published:?06/24/2014?|?Ave. Rating: Not rated yet
Pearce Simpson Super Cheetah Mkiii Am Ssb Cb Radio 4wd Review?
” “
Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?2:00?|?Published:?11/13/2010?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?1 ratings
Cb Robyn Sb520d Am/ssb Base Radio Review?
“Robin SB 520 D 40 channel AM/SSB base radio. Got this one in a trade It works great and has a lot of modulation It has extra channels and I have not figured … “
Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?2:48?|?Published:?02/21/2014?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?3 ratings
Vintage Midland 7001 Precision Series Cb Radio Sidebander Review?
“This is the vintage Midland 7001 Precision Series, a classic CB radio. The one shown here is a very late model that actually generates the 5KC up feature thr… “
Total Views: 1,756?|?Length:?15:12?|?Published:?12/24/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.42?from?7 ratings
Black Panter 2000dx Old Am/ssb Cb-export Radio 27.555 Mhz Review?
“Black Panter 2000DX is in original an Universe 5500 11m CB Radio or an Electronica 360 CB Radio. This edition was manufacted for Mueller Electronic W-Germany… “
Total Views: 3,551?|?Length:?1:27?|?Published:?10/30/2008?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.75?from?4 ratings
Uniden Grant Xl Am/ssb Box Cb Radio New Condition Review?
” “
Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?:21?|?Published:?12/08/2011?|?Ave. Rating: Not rated yet
President Adams Euro-80, Am/ssb Cb / Ham Radio Review?
“I’m testing the rare EURO PRESIDENT ADAMS, 80/120 CH AM-USB-LSB up to 28.940 MHz. Incl. unidens PC-346 board but incl. an additional 3x40ch oscillator board … “
Total Views: 2,547?|?Length:?5:11?|?Published:?07/08/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.61?from?21 ratings
Lafayette Afs-640 / 160 Ch, Am/fm/ssb, Cb-ham Radio Review?
“I’m testing the LAFAYETTE AFS-640, CB-HAM Radio, manufactured by CYBERNET. Incl. 160 channels (4x40CH) AM/FM/SSB -up to 28.305MHz (PTBM125A4X-Board). Some cl… “
Total Views: 1,178?|?Length:?4:13?|?Published:?06/03/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?5 ratings
Uniden Bearcat 980 Ssb Setup And Mod For Reno Aka ” Bulldog ” Review?
“www.snakeradiocustoms.com I have been admiring the work done at Snake Radio Customs for about 2 years. Unfortunately my path in the hobby has sent me to othe… “
Total Views: 5,387?|?Length:?14:33?|?Published:?08/19/2013?|?Ave. Rating: Not rated yet
A Vintage Cobra Cb Radio Base For My Birthday – 139xlr Review?
“Well this video didn’t turn out as I had hoped. I messed the text clip up. It’s suppose to read at the bottom of it that the radio was a birthday present fro… “
Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?16:03?|?Published:?10/03/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?15 ratings
Vintage Handheld Amstrad Cb Radio Unboxing Review?
“been wanting 1 of theses for abit now so i finely got 1. “
Total Views: 1,020?|?Length:?5:28?|?Published:?07/04/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?2 ratings
Tram Titan Ii Classic Tube Type Cb Radio. Review?
“Lots of Titans available for sale. Here’s a classic Tram Titan II classic CB radio. Not that rare, and not that hard to find, but a serious classic for all c… “
Total Views: 11,931?|?Length:?4:10?|?Published:?01/03/2010?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.83?from?24 ratings
Ham International Multimode Ii Ham / Cb Radio By Cybernet Review?
“CYBERNET’s HAM Multimode 2, CB-Radio, 3x40CH AM/FM/SSB , up to 28.305MHz. Incl. the PTBM121D4X-Board. “
Total Views: 3,098?|?Length:?1:22?|?Published:?01/15/2011?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?7 ratings
Sbe Console V Sidebander Base Station Cb Radio Review?
“This is the SBE (Sideband Engineers) Console 5 base station for the 27MHz CB band. It is a 40-channel AM/USB/LSB sidebander. SBE sold these from the late sev… “
Total Views: 1,809?|?Length:?8:47?|?Published:?05/31/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?8 ratings
Cb Radio Stalker 9 Am Ssb Radio Still Doing The Bizz Part 2 Review?
“the old timer still works well. “
Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?3:12?|?Published:?10/30/2011?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?3 ratings
Vintage Cb Radio Microphone Preamp & Compressors Review?
“The old 4 pin Amphenol one is a 1966 made in U.S.A. The American Electronics unit is made in Japan and likely a 1970’s unit. “
Total Views: 2,675?|?Length:?8:29?|?Published:?01/05/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?8 ratings
Uniden Pc-244 Am Ssb 40 Channel Transceiver For Cb Band Review?
“This is the Uniden PC-244 AM/SSB radio for CB use. it has 40 channels. Output is 12W PEP for SSB, 4 watts carrier for AM. This radio was fully restored by me… “
Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?9:32?|?Published:?01/02/2014?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?5 ratings


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