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Cb Radio Mustang 1000 Review? “Here is a quick look at the Mustang CB1000 radio from the 1980`s in perfect working order,with a really nice tone quality and bright S-meter and red L.E.D. r… “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:??|?Published:?12/12/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.0?from?4 ratings
Pearce Simpson Tiger Mark 2 Usa Cb Radio Review? “Tiger Mark 2 American CB Radio. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?2:29?|?Published:?01/28/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?5 ratings
Healthy Radio Check On A Galaxy 98 Vhp Cb Radio Review? “I did Radio check to see if it works good. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?1:05?|?Published:?12/19/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?1 ratings
President Madison Cb Radio Review? ” “Total Views: 3,161?|?Length:?3:03?|?Published:?08/23/2010?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?2 ratings
Jcpenney 6238 Cb Radio Base 40 Channel Review? “Late model JCPenney that I use to suspect was a Cybernet build but it seems more probable that Hitachi was the maker. This might be the last JCPenney base ra… “Total Views: 1,549?|?Length:?6:30?|?Published:?07/12/2011?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?1 ratings
Lafayette He-20c & Ha-115 Compressor Vid #1 Cb Radio Review? “Video installment #1. This video is the easy one. It shows the general current working state and a walk through of the insides of the radio and the preamp/co… “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?19:51?|?Published:?01/24/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?8 ratings
Cb Radio Studio Mic Interface For Don Review? “www.snakeradiocustoms.com. “Total Views: 1,770?|?Length:?1:10?|?Published:?03/30/2012?|?Ave. Rating: Not rated yet
Microwaving A Cb Radio In Hd Wide Screen Review? “Welcome to dOvetastic Microwave Theater. Today your professional microwave operator is going to be microwaving a brand new Classic Cobra Brand CB Radio for y… “Total Views: 6,716?|?Length:?7:58?|?Published:?08/23/2009?|?Ave.?Rating:?3.37?from?110 ratings
Radio Shack Trc-485 On Ten Meter Ssb Review? “My recent “find” at a garage sale! A Radio Shack TRC-485 AM / SSB mobile that I converted to ten meters. The radio was stock and I researched the mod online … “Total Views: 3,182?|?Length:?1:42?|?Published:?06/02/2010?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?3 ratings
Cb Radio Dx On 11mts Usb Review? “lots of dx on the pirate bands today. “Total Views: 3,582?|?Length:?8:54?|?Published:?09/01/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.76?from?17 ratings
Shogun – Uk Cb Radio, (cb 27/81) (mobile) – On The Air Test Review? “Richard Shireby, G0OJF, from TSG Communications, Lincs. UK, demonstrates the alignment of the Shogun CB radio, from Sunrise Products Japan. These were a high… “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?2:14?|?Published:?02/24/2014?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?3 ratings
Apollo Ap-708 Deluxe Ssb Cb Review? “My Apollo AP-708 Deluxe ssb/am CB Base Station I picked up today. I have replacement bulbs on the way for the meter backlighting. Apart from that its almost … “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?2:10?|?Published:?11/21/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?2 ratings
Robyn Tube Cb Radio T-240d “the Executive” 40 Channel Am Review? “Classic tube CB radio with a 40 channel digital synthesizer built-in. Not many tube radios were made having the full range of fourty channels. The Robyn “Exe… “Total Views: 5,474?|?Length:?2:05?|?Published:?09/30/2010?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?10 ratings
Tram Corsair Rare Ssb Mobile W/ Collins Filter Review? “Rare Tram Corsair 23 channel AM / SSB all transistor mobile CB radio. This radio has the infamous Collins mechanical filter. Radio comes with stock Tram mic … “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?4:56?|?Published:?07/10/2010?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?2 ratings
Cobra 2000 Gtl Cb Base Radio Video Review By Cbradiomagazine.com? “http://www.cbradiomagazine.com Short overview of the Cobra 2000 GTL CB Base radio with notes to popular adjustment points. Model shown was made in Taiwan. Gr… “Total Views: 32,403?|?Length:?4:36?|?Published:?08/05/2008?|?Ave. Rating: Not rated yet
Breaker Breaker 19 Auto Cobra29 Cb Radio.mov Review? “This is a Vintage Cobra 29, 23 channel, portable base station CB For sale@: http://stores.ebay.com/eTraderDan. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?2:37?|?Published:?01/19/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?1 ratings
Summer Dxing On Uk Fm Cb Radio……..skip Rolling In On 29/07/12 Review? “This is the North Lincolnshire CB Radio Group also formally known as the BDARC Net that takes place every Sunday evening on channel 31 (27.901.25 MHZ) on the… “Total Views: 1,256?|?Length:?13:33?|?Published:?07/31/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.6?from?10 ratings
Degen De1103 Pll Digital Amfmlw Ssb Sw Shortwave Radio Worldband Receiver Review? “http://www.cbradiomagazine.com – A short overview of the Degen DE1103 (also sold as the Kaito KA1103) Shortwave Radio with SSB ability. AM mode (SW, MW, & LW… “Total Views: 15,207?|?Length:?6:19?|?Published:?06/14/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.89?from?39 ratings
Midland 7001 120ch Am/fm/ssb Review? “PTBM121D4X BD Midland 7001 120CH CB RADIO 1981 made in Japan Audio,-5KHz Shift and many mods. BLOG http://hardtrance303.blog.fc2.com/ (Japanese) “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?2:05?|?Published:?05/04/2012?|?Ave. Rating: Not rated yet
C.b Radio Collection, Need To Build A Homemade Antenna Review? “collection of c.b radios. need to get them working! “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?2:56?|?Published:?10/19/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.33?from?6 ratings
New! Realistic Trc-469 Cb-radio (circa 1977) Review? “Mounted a new (1977) RadioShack Realistic CB in the ’99 Camry, this was part of a lot of other CB stuff a former radio enthusiast gave me. This 1977 CB has a… “Total Views: 1,296?|?Length:?3:08?|?Published:?04/06/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?3 ratings
Mint Condition, 1976 Midland Cb Radio 77-882, Cw Mccall Convoy Buddy – Af5dn Review? “Please visit my Amazon A store for some great Radio Products. http://astore.amazon.com/af5dn-20 Please visit my web page @ http://www.AF5DN.com. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?6:00?|?Published:?06/19/2014?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.55?from?9 ratings
Dutch Cb Radio Review? “19UT002 calling to 153 division mr chai is calling Dx. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?2:11?|?Published:?02/21/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?1 ratings
Lafayette Hb-600a Cb Radio Base Early Transistor Hb 600 Review? “My guess is this radio dates from the late 1960’s because I have found advertisements for the HB-600 in S9 magazines from the mid 1960’s. This radio won’t wi… “Total Views: 1,634?|?Length:?9:12?|?Published:?08/09/2011?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.42?from?7 ratings
Realistic Trc1001 Uk Cb Radio (hand Portable). Alignment Of Receiver Review? “Richard Shireby, G0OJF, from TSG Communications, Lincs, UK demonstates the alignment of this Realistic TRC1001 (21-9110), custom made in Japan for Tandy Corp… “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?6:43?|?Published:?01/05/2014?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?2 ratings
Alinco Dx-77t Hf Ssb Ham Radio All Mode Review? “This is the Alinco DX-77T shortwave ham radio. It is an all-mode 100 watt transceiver, including FM. it covers 150kHz to 30MHz for the receiver, and 1.6 to 3… “Total Views: 3,461?|?Length:?18:00?|?Published:?01/08/2014?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?8 ratings
Team Lancaster – Uk Cb Radio, (cb 27/81) (mobile) – Receiver Alignment Review? “Richard Shireby, G0OJF, from TSG Communications, Grantham, Lincolnshire, dicusses & demonstrates the alignment & adjustment of the Team Lancaster UK CB radio… “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?5:01?|?Published:?03/02/2014?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?1 ratings
President Washington Cb Radio Dx 3/22/12 Review? “President Washington CB Radio with a Solarcon Antron 99 Base Antenna. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?2:21?|?Published:?03/23/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?4 ratings
Galaxy Ssb Echo Base Station/cobra 2000 Gtl Base Station Review? “two really nice cb radios. “Total Views: 1,018?|?Length:?2:27?|?Published:?05/15/2012?|?Ave. Rating: Not rated yet
Rx-pre Amplifier For Cb Or Hf Radio Demonstration Review? “Had a request from a fellow to build him 2 preamps for his radio. Here they are and just wanted to show him that they work just fine. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?2:54?|?Published:?04/29/2014?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?12 ratings
Midland 3001 Precision Series 40 Channel Am Cb Radio Review? “via YouTube Capture. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?1:07?|?Published:?05/21/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?3 ratings
Regency Cb 701 Cb Radio Base Station Made In U.s.a. Review? “Like new 40 channel CB-701. There is a short merged clip at the end showing the original box and accessories. The manual and other paperwork sadly are missing. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?6:35?|?Published:?07/17/2011?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?3 ratings
“Updated video of my Vintage CB Radio collection. I have added a few more radios and microphones since my last video. “Total Views: 17,937?|?Length:?6:01?|?Published:?07/12/2009?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.73?from?49 ratings
Cb Radio Cobra 148 Gtl Ebay Find 1978 Cherry Review? “www.snakeradiocustoms.com. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?2:07?|?Published:?11/17/2012?|?Ave. Rating: Not rated yet
Pearce Simpson Super Panther Mkiv Cb Radio Review? “http://stores.ebay.com.au/CBRadio. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?2:50?|?Published:?04/12/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?2 ratings
Lafayette Hb-444/25b Vid #1 Rare Cb Radio Tube Type Review? “Seldom seen rare radio. Much of the information about this radio is courtesy of Shadow 7, AKA Gary KB2JXM. http://www.cbradiomemories.com/mystery_cb_radio.ht… “Total Views: 1,897?|?Length:?11:09?|?Published:?07/18/2011?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?5 ratings
Cybernet Argus 5000-dx, Am/fm/ssb/cw Review? “The ARGUS 5000 is a heavy duty power rack CB-Basestation. 240 channels (6×40) AM/FM/USB/LSB/CW. Frequency range up to 28.755 MHz in the 10m HAM-radio band. V… “Total Views: 1,136?|?Length:?3:37?|?Published:?02/20/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?10 ratings
Cb Radio Review? “cb radio sur pc. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?4:16?|?Published:?02/05/2014?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?1 ratings
Winter Cb Radio Portable Station – Mendip Hills Jan 20th 2013 Review? “Temperatures down as low as -6c for this one on Beacon Batch today – quite calm though and the some snow around too. All kit performed well – new T2LT antenn… “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?5:29?|?Published:?01/21/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?9 ratings
Cobra 142 Gtl And Realistic Trc 490 Cb Radio Review? “My friend Rickard and I testing a ICOM SP 20 external speaker.The radios is cobra 142 gtl and realistic trc 490. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?25:39?|?Published:?01/06/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?4 ratings
** Cb Radio Trucker Talk – Qrz Motozappa ** Il Terrone Della Toscana (ita) !! Review? “Radio Motozappa in prova tecniche dalla sua Fiat 600 — B.Turbo – – “Total Views: 14,268?|?Length:?13:24?|?Published:?04/10/2011?|?Ave.?Rating:?3.52?from?19 ratings
Dak Ix Radio Telephone Cb Base Station Review? ” “Total Views: 3,557?|?Length:?8:50?|?Published:?11/20/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?10 ratings
80 Meters (80m) Am On A Cb Radio Part 2 – No Modification Needed Review? “My simple receive converter in action again on 3615 KHz during the daytime. Channel 17 Hi band is 27.615 MHz and translates to 3.615 MHz – Simple eh!! My ne… “Total Views: 16,293?|?Length:?4:24?|?Published:?01/26/2009?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.66?from?15 ratings
Cb Radio Cobra 148 Gtl D Model Update For Brian Review? “www.snakeradiocustoms.com. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?1:37?|?Published:?08/11/2012?|?Ave. Rating: Not rated yet
Certified Cb Radio Nut! Review? “Certified CB Radio Nut…I got my certification at Deep South Radios – The Radio Room enjoy, Bulldog. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?:20?|?Published:?06/24/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.0?from?4 ratings
Cb Radio In 1975 Review? “CB Radio in 1975. “Total Views: 7,548?|?Length:?5:35?|?Published:?04/09/2007?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.63?from?11 ratings
Bfo Kit For Ssb / Cw Shortwave Radios Review? “Beat Frequency Oscillator (BFO) 455 KHz Ten-Tec kit module board allows SSB-CW reception on AM-mode only shortwave receivers. Video shows sample reception of… “Total Views: 24,549?|?Length:?4:57?|?Published:?12/14/2009?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.97?from?41 ratings
Wbov In Cincinatti – Cb Radio Tips Review? “WBOV airs at 9, we will be playing assorted music from the 40’s and talking guns. WBOV- Where the truth is spoken…no matter how bad it hurts! Tune in chann… “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?11:04?|?Published:?06/15/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?3.66?from?9 ratings
Automatic Signal Id System For Cb Radio ! Review? “Automatic signal ID system for cb radio based vb2010 .NET firmata and arduino uno it will give a signal report and ID i can put different names under differe… “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?3:23?|?Published:?06/25/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?2 ratings
“This is a short video discussing a common problem people run into with blown protection diodes. Often if you have a radio that keeps blowing fuses and won’t … “Total Views: 18,091?|?Length:?4:41?|?Published:?02/27/2011?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.54?from?44 ratings
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