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Ham International Multimode 3 Cb And Ham Radio Review? “HAM International MULTIMODE III, 200 channels AM/FM/USB/LSB. Up to 28.305 MHz. One of the best CYBERNET radios what ever built. No problems with gritty and d… “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:??|?Published:?02/20/2014?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?8 ratings
Cobra 77x Early 40 Ch Cb Radio Review? ” “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?3:47?|?Published:?08/30/2011?|?Ave.?Rating:?3.66?from?3 ratings
Yaesu Ft-767gx All Mode Hf Ssb Ham Radio Review? “NOTE: the flicker in the display that you see is caused by the video frame rate, the actual radio’s display works just fine without this flicker) This is… “Total Views: 9,613?|?Length:?9:02?|?Published:?02/07/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?18 ratings
Cb Qrm High Power Am Station On 27.265 Bleeding Over Ssb Qso On 27.375 Review? “Widebanded QRM from an overmodulated local station on 27.265 (channel 26). This guy was causing QRM over my radios entire coverage. That’s 25.165 to 29.695 M… “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?2:55?|?Published:?06/10/2011?|?Ave. Rating: Not rated yet
Homemade Cb Tranceiver Review? “This is a homemade CB tranceiver based on transistors. It contains a superhet receiver with 455Khz IF stage and 4 stage transmitter. For audio amplification … “Total Views: 6,081?|?Length:?2:25?|?Published:?09/01/2011?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.89?from?39 ratings
Autronix Buddy Base 3 Piece Tube Cb Radio, Model Tx11b Transmitter Rx-11 Receiver Review? “This is available for sale. Ultra rare and very hard to find, the INFAMOUS Buddy Base made by Autronix corporation. I had not heard of this radio until I rea… “Total Views: 2,577?|?Length:?5:15?|?Published:?04/04/2010?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?2 ratings
Ranger 6900-f25 Cb Mobile Ssb Review? “Ranger 6900-f25 CB Mobile ssb. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?6:46?|?Published:?02/02/2014?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?1 ratings
Realistic Htx 100 Demo Review? “This is the classic Realistic HTX-100 10 meter SSB transceiver. As you can see, it has phenomenal performance. This radio has reached cult status nowadays an… “Total Views: 1,732?|?Length:?12:33?|?Published:?03/14/2014?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?11 ratings
Emisora Sbe Console Sidebander Ssb/cb Review? “Emisora 23 Canales, alimentada 125 voltios, con una recepci?n impresionante, con caja de madera, todo un lujo en su ?poca y funcionando ala perfecci?n ha d?a… “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?2:27?|?Published:?09/01/2012?|?Ave. Rating: Not rated yet
Cb Radio Is 28 Years Old………………..part 2 Review? “This is the second of three videos to celerbrate 28 years of legal CB Radio that was introduced on November 2nd 1981………Please enjoy Dave (Firefly) Nort… “Total Views: 4,605?|?Length:?9:44?|?Published:?11/04/2009?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.69?from?13 ratings
Jc Penny 6241 Cb Ssb Base/mobile Review? “Interesting internals. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?:55?|?Published:?04/16/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?1 ratings
Long Distance Direct Cb Contacts 50 Mile + Ranges With A Galaxy Dx 979 Review? “My Galaxy DX 979 making direct contacts easily over 60 Mile Ranges across the Treasure Valley from the the top of Bogus Basin into Oregon and Highway 95 Sout… “Total Views: 4,010?|?Length:?5:56?|?Published:?05/06/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.69?from?13 ratings
Connex 3300fhp Review? “This is a review of the Connex 3300FHP 10 Meter Radio by CB Repairman. www.customcbradios.com Facebook: Custom CB Radios. “Total Views: 5,460?|?Length:?14:13?|?Published:?02/01/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?15 ratings
Irf520n Mosfet Final Stage Upgrade For Cybernet Cb-ham-radios (new Facts And Settings) Review? “What’s up with the gate to source voltage on a MOSFET final trans? In the Data sheet is written, that the maximum gate voltage should be about 4.0 volts. But… “Total Views: 4,570?|?Length:?1:55?|?Published:?08/11/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?7 ratings
Dosy Fc50-s Am Ssb In-line Frequency Counter Review? “http://www.cbradiomagazine.com – This is a video overview of the new Dosy FC50-S AM and SSB In-Line Frequency Counter. – “S” designates for single side-band … “Total Views: 6,604?|?Length:?7:47?|?Published:?06/07/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.84?from?25 ratings
Universe 5500 Cb-funkger?t Am–ssb Exportger?t Review? ” “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?:21?|?Published:?05/31/2013?|?Ave. Rating: Not rated yet
Cb Radio – Realistic Trc 2001 Review? “A quick look at a classic CB Radio from the 1980`s. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?2:08?|?Published:?02/03/2014?|?Ave. Rating: Not rated yet
Clear Channel Ar3500 Review By Cbradiomagazine.com? “http://www.cbradiomagazine.com A review of the Clear Channel AR3500 10 meter Export & CB Radio. A very rare and popular model that had programmable scanning … “Total Views: 12,151?|?Length:?13:47?|?Published:?11/15/2010?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?23 ratings
Sears Roadtalker Cb 40 Channel Ssb Review? “sears roadtalker 40 channel cb. “Total Views: 2,099?|?Length:?1:16?|?Published:?04/18/2010?|?Ave.?Rating:?2.0?from?4 ratings
Iw5ci Ssb & Am Vintage Station Review? “My actual ssb and am vintage Setup. For SSB Geloso G-LINE (G.4/229/228/216 MARK III) and Drake R2C receiver with 2-CS speaker. For AM Station: I8KLL Homebrew… “Total Views: 1,934?|?Length:?4:49?|?Published:?03/17/2011?|?Ave.?Rating:?2.6?from?5 ratings
Tony Hancock ” The Radio Ham ” The Full Bbc Show Funny Amateur Radio Cb Movie Film Review? “AMATEUR HAM TWO WAY RADIO ANTENNA TESTING BAOFENG YAESU ICOM QUANSHENG DIAMOND NAGOYA. “Total Views: 63,435?|?Length:?25:07?|?Published:?02/13/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.67?from?261 ratings
Redco Digi-scan Ufo Elite Connect To Palomar Ssb-500 (upd858) Review? “I want to install the REDCO DIGI-SCAN-UFO-ELITE (external VFO), on a PALOMAR SSB-500. This is very tricky. Some specifications are needed to synchronize the … “Total Views: 1,155?|?Length:?14:58?|?Published:?08/17/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?13 ratings
Albion Cb Radio Heroes – Just Put A Jumper On It Review? “Stan (Red Rider) counsels Randy (East-Side) in the operation of vintage radios. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?43:12?|?Published:?12/23/2013?|?Ave. Rating: Not rated yet
Tuning The Amateur Radio Bands On Degen De 1103 On Ssb Review? “Tuning the 20 – 40 and 80 meters amateur radio band on a Degen DE 1103 in SSB mode. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?9:25?|?Published:?05/27/2014?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?8 ratings
Mars Radio Corporation Mrc M458, Ssb/am Handy-transceiver (big Video) Review? “MARS Radio Corporation MRC M458, SSB/AM handy-Transceiver. There was a Problem on the SSB-Modulation preamplifier in the hybrid-IC (AN6140). Now, I’ve rebuil… “Total Views: 2,909?|?Length:?5:28?|?Published:?05/18/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?8 ratings
Some Cb-radios & Antennas From My Collections.. Review? “Some CB-Radios & antennas from my collections.. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?5:46?|?Published:?11/16/2009?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?2 ratings
Wrl Globe Dsb-100 Tube Ham Radio Transmitter Demo Cw Am Ssb By N6tlu Review? “Just finished repairing this fine Transmitter. Quite rare and works great! “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?3:56?|?Published:?08/24/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?8 ratings
Vintage Dynascan Corp Cobra 139 Ssb/am 40 Ch Base/mobile Transceiver Review? “This is a informational video to show that this radio is in full working condition and that all lights and functions work properly.This is a radio that is to… “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?1:13?|?Published:?08/19/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?1.0?from?1 ratings
Ham Radio Home Brew Transceiver. 7mhz Ssb /cw Mode. Review? “40meter BAND (7Mhz) TRANSCEIVER. IF 12Mhz. 1W Output power 12V. RF final transister 2SC1909. driver 2SC1815. Super-VXO 19Mhz crystal with airdax-coil. 7.000-… “Total Views: 2,701?|?Length:?6:05?|?Published:?09/29/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?23 ratings
Zodiac Taurus Ssb, The Swiss Clone Of Pearce Simpson Panther Ssb Review? “It’s a ZODIAC TAURUS SSB overview. Incl. pictures and video sequences. We can hear state side on channel 6.This 23 CH AM-SSB CB-Radio is similar to PEARCE SI… “Total Views: 3,200?|?Length:?3:39?|?Published:?03/20/2011?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?8 ratings
Random Cb Conversations Am And Ssb Review? “am we had more people but ssb we didnt really pick up much. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?2:05?|?Published:?05/30/2013?|?Ave. Rating: Not rated yet
Cb Radio Review? “video of my cb radio setup for sale on craigslist. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?:28?|?Published:?07/04/2012?|?Ave. Rating: Not rated yet
Pearce Simpson Super Puma Review? “AM SSB 27MHz CB Radio. Very slim unit. ebay sale uniden midland cobra galaxy skip solarcon dosy swr ham amateur mhz mr cb radio slider repair modification po… “Total Views: 1,319?|?Length:?2:02?|?Published:?02/19/2010?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?4 ratings
Vlog18wheels Radio Cb Funny Review? “this nice. “Total Views: 2,016?|?Length:?4:25?|?Published:?05/04/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?11 ratings
Am Vs. Ssb On The Same Freq. 27.505 Mhz – “cb Channel 50” Review? “There is no channel 50. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?:52?|?Published:?06/25/2011?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?1 ratings
1961 Vintage Rca Mark-7 Cb Base Station… Review? “Old CB i picked up at a yard sale… “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?2:22?|?Published:?12/05/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?6 ratings
How To Increase Modulation On Your Cb. Review? “How to turn up mod on stock radios for loudr audio. “Total Views: 4,350?|?Length:?3:21?|?Published:?02/03/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?3.85?from?14 ratings
Midland 78-999 Ssb 40 Channel Superbase Review? “Hope you enjoy this video of my vintage Midland beauty. I am in need of a part inside for best overall top performance folks and fellow CB enthusiasts. SOS!!… “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?8:09?|?Published:?05/26/2014?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?2 ratings
155lr850 155sd850 Coming Soon Anytone At-6666 Cb Mobile Radio Brand-new Design Compact Size ???? Review? “Brand-New design export free band CB mobile radio Made in mainland China by ?? Wish better more than AT-5555 frequency stable no more swing………. wish ha… “Total Views: 2,877?|?Length:?:33?|?Published:?04/04/2013?|?Ave. Rating: Not rated yet
Astatic 636 L Cb Microphone Review? “http://www.rightchannelradios.com/cb-radio-microphones-76/ A quality, affordable upgrade from standard mics, the Astatic 636 CB radio microphone is an excell… “Total Views: 16,270?|?Length:?2:01?|?Published:?11/21/2008?|?Ave.?Rating:?3.8?from?10 ratings
Ssb Cb Review? “Another vid from 2011 and not shown before. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?1:00?|?Published:?11/17/2013?|?Ave. Rating: Not rated yet
Homebrew Collins Engineered Ham Radio Shortwave Tube Type Receiver Vintage Qst Project Review? “Really unique Ham receiver. Hand made back in the late 1950’s. It is fully operational and comes with documentation. I tested it on CW SSB and AM. All perfor… “Total Views: 12,493?|?Length:?4:24?|?Published:?03/01/2009?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?35 ratings
Cb Colt Excalibur Ssb (prove) Review? ” “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?7:12?|?Published:?10/18/2013?|?Ave. Rating: Not rated yet
Cb Ch 38 Ssb (27.3850 Mhz) Review? ” “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?5:25?|?Published:?04/07/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?1 ratings
Realistic Trc20000, Uk (cb 27/81) Cb Radio (mobile) – Receive Adjustment Review? “Richard Shireby, G0OJF, from TSG Communications, Grantham, Lincs (UK), discusses & demonstrates servicing the Realistic TRC2000 CB radio from 1981. Making re… “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?6:00?|?Published:?03/16/2014?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?2 ratings
Cobra 29 1995 Vintage New Old Stock Full Maintiance And Mods For Greg Review? “OK GREG THANKS MAN FOR THE NEW BUSINESS TIM IS THE BEST TECH OUT THERE THAT IS FULLY COMMITTED TO CB RADIOS ONLY JUST RECEIVED MY FOURTH RADIO A COBRA 29 … “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?5:45?|?Published:?05/21/2014?|?Ave. Rating: Not rated yet
Aimor Tr 105 Transistor Radio Review Vintage Worldwide Receiver!? “Here is a quick 4 minute video of the Aimor TR 105 Transistor radio. Enjoy. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?4:03?|?Published:?06/16/2014?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?2 ratings
Cb Radio Review? “Video gate. Locals. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?3:32?|?Published:?10/13/2012?|?Ave. Rating: Not rated yet
Home Made Bfo – Receiving Ssb On Old Radio Review? “C3 can be used tuning capacitor. Transistor can be optional NPN , example KF506, KF507, BC547…. Ceramic resonator can be found example in the TV remote con… “Total Views: 1,789?|?Length:?3:15?|?Published:?12/12/2011?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?3 ratings
Cbradio Review? ” “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?1:13?|?Published:?04/16/2009?|?Ave. Rating: Not rated yet


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