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Sawdusts Cb Shack Review? “these are all radios ive collected over the years. “Total Views: 4,032?|?Length:??|?Published:?01/21/2009?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.77?from?18 ratings
Bearcat 980 Ssb Stock Test (tuned) Review? “This is the “after tuning” final test. Paired with 1 pill, found best audio quality and performance by lowering AM Dead Key to 2W on the radio, and modulatio… “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?:34?|?Published:?10/20/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?1.0?from?1 ratings
Colt Excalibur Ssb – Impressions Review? “The Colt Excalibur radio came to me in bad conditions= No Audio, the channel dial knob was dead. I was lucky that i saved some build out parts from other rad… “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?6:46?|?Published:?03/11/2013?|?Ave. Rating: Not rated yet
Another Day…another President Lincoln Output Repair. Review? “Another President LINCOLN with a bad output repair, see so many of these with 2SC1969 transistors fitted which produces very low output. The person who has t… “Total Views: 16,080?|?Length:?6:47?|?Published:?08/16/2010?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?36 ratings
Homebrew Ssb Transceiver Using An Arduino Driving A Dds Review? “This is an attempt to use a Dual DDS driven by an Arduino Nano embedded in a multiband SSB transceivers. This is a minimalist approach and the results so far… “Total Views: 2,720?|?Length:?5:46?|?Published:?01/28/2014?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?11 ratings
Inside An Ssb Transceiver And How It Works Review? “How a filter-type HF SSB transceiver works. The PCM Hawk transceiver pictured here was built in the 1980s and has 10 fixed crystal-controlled channels betwee… “Total Views: 8,129?|?Length:?3:01?|?Published:?01/15/2009?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.95?from?23 ratings
Repair And Modification Of The Kenwood Tm-231 “vintage” Mobile Radio Review? “Repair and Modification of the Kenwood TM-231 “Vintage” Mobile Radio Intermittent display and bad back-up battery. A battery holder modification is installed. “Total Views: 2,870?|?Length:?7:55?|?Published:?11/28/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.33?from?6 ratings
3000 Watt Cb Linear Amplifier Review? “This home brew amp put out 3KW the first time it was fired up. After tuning and a few mods it eventually did 5KW on the 11 meter CB band. It was created for … “Total Views: 209,460?|?Length:?2:13?|?Published:?06/29/2008?|?Ave.?Rating:?3.86?from?130 ratings
102 Inch Cb Antenna For Shortwave My Personal Observations Review? ” “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?5:42?|?Published:?02/24/2014?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?9 ratings
Amateur Radio Vintage Layfayette Am 6 Meter Ha460 Review? “Amateur Radio Vintage Layfayette AM 6 meter HA460 David Larsen http://www.kk4ww.com A look inside radio & description of parts My historical microcomputer bl… “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?6:02?|?Published:?12/26/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?3.66?from?3 ratings
Yaesu Ft-1000d – Ham Radio – Vintage ? Review? “This is my yaesu FT-1000D, the antenna is an Optibeam OB12-4W. Thanks for looking. “Total Views: 12,361?|?Length:?2:32?|?Published:?05/07/2009?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.72?from?18 ratings
Single Sideband Review? “Here’s how single sideband (SSB) works, as discussed in my book “Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics.” “Total Views: 1,916?|?Length:?11:29?|?Published:?08/02/2013?|?Ave. Rating: Not rated yet
Ham Radio – Kenwood Ts-430s Maintenance And Adjustment Review? “Ham Radio, Repair, Kenwood, TS-430S, Transceiver maintenance and adjustment. N4DA demonstrates the basics of how to adjust and repair some issues with the Ke… “Total Views: 17,569?|?Length:?2:15?|?Published:?09/15/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.94?from?67 ratings
Introduction To Amateur Radio (1999) Review? “This is a video that Jeff AC4ZO and I made to kick off the first night of Ham Radio license classes for the Raleigh Amateur Radio Society back in 1999. I won… “Total Views: 20,725?|?Length:?29:35?|?Published:?10/16/2011?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.95?from?172 ratings
Turner Expander 500 Wiring To Cre 8900 Review? “CB Radio Microphone wiring guide for a CRE 8900 Transeiver and a Turner Expander 500 base station microphone. “Total Views: 3,011?|?Length:?1:18?|?Published:?02/03/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?4 ratings
Ssb Homebrew 20m.wmv Review? “homebrew ssb 20m receiver made design and made by su3mb egyptian radio ham. “Total Views: 2,136?|?Length:?7:41?|?Published:?04/27/2011?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?7 ratings
Demo Of Uniden Tempo 2020 On Cb Band Review? “The tempo 2020 on CB, also for TX. The 11 meter band was actually put in on the AUX position of the band switch by the factory. All it needs is the optional … “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?13:51?|?Published:?10/16/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?1 ratings
My Realistic Dx-160 Shortwave Radio Arrives Review? “I take a trip back in time by purchasing a shortwave radio I dreamed of owning back in 1976! Notice the rapid fluctuation of signals on the S-Meter, this is … “Total Views: 40,927?|?Length:?2:10?|?Published:?11/14/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.88?from?280 ratings
Ssb General Electric 3-5826a Modification 34ab138 Review? “This is a g.e 40 chanel am/ssb radio with LC7131 PLL. Im going to add 26065 to 27855. which is supposidly not possible as it uses a LC7131 PLL. Already used … “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?9:11?|?Published:?04/11/2011?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?1 ratings
2m Ssb Contacts,1000+ Miles!! Review? “2 meter sideband contacts made during a awesome sporadic E opening from South Dakota. Running 50 watts and a vertical omni-directional antenna which is the w… “Total Views: 14,666?|?Length:?1:57?|?Published:?06/19/2010?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?28 ratings
8734khz,ssb,olympia Radio,grc. Review? ” “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?1:16?|?Published:?03/08/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?1 ratings
My Low Cost Magnetic Loop Antenna For 10-12 Meters Review? “I decided to build a magnetic loop antenna that would cover the ham radio frequencies from around 20 to 30 Mhz so I could use it on portable with my Magnum 1… “Total Views: 94,395?|?Length:?19:19?|?Published:?12/13/2011?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.84?from?344 ratings
Fdk 750e Multi 2m Fm / Ssb Transceiver Review? “This is a video of a FDK 750E retro mid 70’s 2m fm / ssb mobile transceiver. It has an output of 10w and is in good condition for a 40 year old radio! “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?12:45?|?Published:?04/15/2013?|?Ave. Rating: Not rated yet
125 Terry Ssb Radio Check Review? “Terry it was nice talking to ya. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?5:40?|?Published:?05/04/2009?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?1 ratings
Penetrator 500 5/8 Wave Cb Antenna. Awesome Antenna!!!!! Review? ” “Total Views: 11,779?|?Length:?1:26?|?Published:?08/02/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.77?from?18 ratings
Royce Am/ssb Transceiver Model 642 Part 2 Review? “Royce Model 642 Demonstrational video. Showing all three meters funtioning on this radio. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?1:30?|?Published:?08/04/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?1 ratings
Ssb Radio Home Brew Part2 Review? “my 1st home brew ssb radio & listen World Scout Air Jamboree On2013-10-23. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?3:19?|?Published:?10/19/2013?|?Ave. Rating: Not rated yet
9765 Khz, Radio New Zealand International Received On Vintage Tube Radio In Germany Review? “16. March 2014 16:05 UTC 9765 Khz, R. New Zealand received in Bocholt/Germany Loewe Opta Toccata 1956 antenna: 2m vertical wire (outside) “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?1:21?|?Published:?03/23/2014?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?14 ratings
Galaxy Saturn Cb Review? ” “Total Views: 3,342?|?Length:?1:52?|?Published:?08/07/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?6 ratings
The Crap Of Ham Radio 14313 Is Equal To The Cb Crap Rx In My Nos Drake Spr-4 Review? “The FCC are blind, asshole, stupid…… “Total Views: 1,464?|?Length:?19:38?|?Published:?03/12/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?8 ratings
Cobra 139xlr Review? “Unboxing my Cobra 139XLR CB Base Station Very Nice 40ch CB with SSB Back to old school coms that still work great. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?8:35?|?Published:?05/02/2014?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?2 ratings
“While Barley & Acorn (goats) graze in the background the Old Goat gets to try out his new FX-4 radio! Making a few CW QSOs on 40-17m using a 58′ end fed wire… “Total Views: 1,948?|?Length:?1:04?|?Published:?05/28/2014?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?34 ratings
Tristar777 Ssb 34ab138 Review? “This was my modified up tristar 777. Now this radio has been stripped and built into my jumbo instead of the ptbm059 chassis it originally had. Its front pan… “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?2:47?|?Published:?10/01/2010?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?2 ratings
Old Hy Gain Clr-2 Cb Base Antenna *****caution Language***** Review? ” “Total Views: 5,148?|?Length:?1:16?|?Published:?08/20/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.42?from?14 ratings
Sony Fh-7 Mkii Stereo W- Cd Player Review? ” “Total Views: 21,206?|?Length:?1:14?|?Published:?06/16/2010?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.80?from?41 ratings
Vintage Radio Sanyo U10-p10 Transcontinental Review? “RADIO SANYO PU-U10 TRANSCONTINENTAL. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?12:58?|?Published:?06/16/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?1 ratings
Trrs #0247 – Tecsun Pl-880 Shortwave Radio Reception Testing Review? “My first attempt at testing the Tecsum PL-880 shortwave radio reception capability using the PL-660 as a comparison. “Total Views: 3,784?|?Length:?2:17?|?Published:?03/04/2014?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.78?from?38 ratings
Sparton 5 Tube Radio Video #2 – Loop Antenna Review? “With some deduction, I determine where to connect the lead wires from the loop antenna. I then test the radio and discover another reason for poor performance. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?16:25?|?Published:?07/21/2014?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.6?from?10 ratings
Colonel Fr360 (wks-1001) Am/ssb Transceiver Review? “COLONEL FR360 120CH AM/SSB TRANSCEIVER. A = 26.965 – 27.405Mhz B = 27.365 – 27.805Mhz C = 28.365 – 28.805Mhz. “Total Views: 1,440?|?Length:?9:00?|?Published:?12/27/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?20 ratings
Casio Tv-470 Lcd Pocket Colour Television Review? ” “Total Views: 11,392?|?Length:?2:59?|?Published:?07/20/2010?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?11 ratings
Realistic Dx160 Shortwave Ham Band Am Cw Ssb Receiver Demo Review? “Demo of a nice clean Realistic DX160 receiver. I tested it using my WaveTek 3006, then an on the air test. Very stable receiver and fun to use. “Total Views: 2,498?|?Length:?5:19?|?Published:?12/29/2012?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?15 ratings
Ham Radio Shops Akihabara Tokyo Japan Review? “wiecej na: http://video.qrz.pl. “Total Views: 35,330?|?Length:?1:49?|?Published:?03/20/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?4.91?from?181 ratings
Realistic Trc 216 Cb Review? “Realistic Radio Shack TR-216 CB Walkie Talkie. Vintage old NEW stock. Runs on 10 rechargeable batteries or 8 AA Alkaline batteries. “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?6:06?|?Published:?08/01/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?3.66?from?3 ratings
Pr?sentation Radio Cb Review? ” “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?7:10?|?Published:?02/18/2014?|?Ave. Rating: Not rated yet
Rickreall Amateur Radio Swap Meet, Oct. 26, 2013 – K7yo Review? ” “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?24:45?|?Published:?10/27/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?1 ratings
My Little Collection Of Public Cb-radios Review? ” “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?2:48?|?Published:?05/06/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?3.66?from?3 ratings
Harvard H469 Sos, Uk, 3-channel Cb Radio (emergency Kit) Cb 27/81. On The Air Test Review? “Richard Shireby, G0OJF, from TSG Communications, Lincs, UK, demonstrates the alignment of the 3-channel Harvard SOS emergency kit radio from 1981. This cryst… “Total Views: N/A?|?Length:?2:00?|?Published:?03/17/2014?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?1 ratings
Realistic Astronaut 8 Multi Band Shortwave Am Fm Ssb Portable Receiver In Action Review? “Not sure why the audio of this video is scratchy/distorted. All video I shot before and after this one was fine. My Sony Bloggie can be temperamental at time… “Total Views: 3,098?|?Length:?23:33?|?Published:?12/02/2011?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?15 ratings
“This is a Concorde 2 SSB radio, It didnt sound good on SSB at all, connecting up the scope revealed that it was flat topping. “Total Views: 1,390?|?Length:?5:07?|?Published:?04/26/2011?|?Ave. Rating: Not rated yet
Radio Panasonic Rf-b45 Review? “Un receptor sensibil si usor de manevrat,dubla schimbare de frecventa,SSB cu BFO,banda de scurte liniara pana la 30 MHz si banda FM 88-108 MHz. “Total Views: 1,320?|?Length:?15:21?|?Published:?06/16/2013?|?Ave.?Rating:?5.0?from?6 ratings
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