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Had my old Icom IC 701 up for sale on HERE.

But only a few inquiries that did not happen so decided to re-engineer it into a CB radio and pull all the IC701 parts out and sell separately. I figured most people dont want a whole faulty ham radio for parts, just the part they need at a reasonable price. So all the internal pcbs and components are for sale by offer on HERE

NOTE: PRICES NEGOTIABLE on Quantity – Will ship World wide on prior PayPal Payment.

Essentially there are seven main components [Main Case / RF HSink & Front Panel Meter NOT Inc.]
1. Double PCB with cables to front panel controls -( all cut at Switches or Pots -NOT Included.) Unsure of operation
2. LED PCB Complete – Worked Perfectly prior to removal
3. Band Switcher Solenoid Assy – Worked Perfectly prior to removal
4. PLL assy – Unsure of operation
5. BPF assy – Worked Perfectly prior to removal
6. RF Fan Assy – Worked Perfectly prior to removal

All components disassembled carefully – all plugable modules except Dual PCB assy which has all switches and pots cut from loom.
More HERE:-
AX 05 New CB Radio Project – PC122 into Icom IC701
Most people on CB Radio running Ham or Amateur Radios usually say they are running a PC-122! I will be the only CB Radio operator running a PC-122 that looks like a ham radio! LOL
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