Tram D201 VFO RF Signal Frequency Counter

I am wiring into my Tram D201 – A RF Signal Frequency Counter.

How should connect the additional 110vac to 12v ac transformer I intend to use to supply isolated and rectified 12vDC power for the Freq counter and later a DDS
– TO THE 110Vac input line in SERIES and NOT Parallel as shown on power supply diag.?? Does it make any difference? Well thats how I did it and the counter works well but the radio does not seem to power up.

2018-JAN-22  Looking into why…..

Tram D201 Power Supply Diagram with 12V Transformer Mod VFO controlled 23 CH Tram D201 Frequency counter


VFO controlled 23 CH Tram D201

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