Totally Tune CB Band Melbourne Australia Any Channel-Frequency-Mode

When Skip wide open Totally Tune the CB Band in Melbourne Australia at any Channel /Frequency / Mode

Go to my secure website here – works in Website Browsers Chrome etc and on all phones tablets & computers.

NO software or downloads – CLICK >>? ?

Guys, I went to a lot of trouble to get this working so am interested in any constructive comments on whether I wasted my time or not. It is TUNE-ABLE over 11m CB Band by you moving the YELLOW Tune Cursor with your mouse to any frequency or clicking on the waterfall where you see activity. Also selecting the mode and other parameters in the control box all in real time can set volume, squelch, zoom, full band or closeup to tune accurately. Please comment on your thoughts, on our Facebook Group but play with it for a while trying stuff before asking questions.

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