ROS WEEKEND 27 Mhz April 24 2015 at 00:01 UTC until Apr 26 at 23:59.


by European ROS Club ?

ROS EUROPEAN CLUB, invites CB Radio and?amateur operators worldwide, to a ROS Weekend on CB-27 MHz

CH#40 & #36 USB

In order to acquaint newcomers and continue to demonstrate the veterans utility, easy handling and operation of ROS mode, the ROS EUROPEAN CLUB, invites amateurs in the world, ROS Weekend, CB-27 a weekend Exclusive week so those interested can try the ROS mode and share experiences.
1. Date, from the day April 24 at 00:01 UTC until 26 at 23:59.
3. The certificate may be requested by any amateur or SWL.
4. For the DIPLOMA be needed 5 contacts.
5. The diploma will be awarded in ROS MODE.
6. The CB FCC Legal frequency channel #40 27,405?& ?27,365. channel. #36 and USB mode ROS
7.-LOG who are outside the assigned frequency. On these bases will NOT valid frequency assigned by the ROS program will not be valid
8. The lists must be sent to ADIF ROS generated by the program itself to e-mail the “CASE” ROS Weekend. 27
9. The diploma will be sent by e-mail on DIN A4 in JPEG format.
10- These bases can be modified at any time by the organization diploma whenever there are grounds for it.Decisions taken by the organization of diploma, for correct operation must be complied with by the participant
CB-27 Vocal Activities ERC President
10AD707-MARIO-Manolo 30ERC006

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