Stoner Pro-40 #322 SSB CB Radio Base Station

Recently bought a Stoner Pro 40 CB Radio Number #322 made in the USA in 1978 from ebay (May 2015)

There were less than 700 made and cost around USD$1000 at the time so were extremely high quality in SSB operation with no AM Mode built in.

Although they did have an option that allowed a AM CB Radio to be operated by front panel switches as a hybrid.

AX05 Stoner Pro 40 #322 CB Radio
AX05 Stoner Pro 40 #322 CB Radio

The Stoner pro-40 seemed in perfect cosmetic condition from the ebay pix so I thought now or never! Advertised as “for Parts or not going” I was not that concerned about the actual operation as the display seemed to be on OK so that indicated it must not be too bad, so I took a very expensive chance!
Much more Stoner Pro-40 information HERE? :?

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