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$ 750.00
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Owned for ten years - Rarely used TX some RX to keep OK.
PIEX Tone PCB inc. Standard Hand Mic. Inc.
Perfect condition by non smoker. Dont miss this rare opportunity!
I am open to offers or swap/cash for top quality CB Base station,
eg, GE SuperBase /Cobra 2000 GTL /CPI CP2000 / Similar
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VK3KBC Rating: 5/5 May 27, 2012 08:10 Send this review to a friend
Fantastic 'All Mode' 70cm Radio Time owned: more than 12 months
I bought this radio about five years ago via ebay and I've now realised why they don't come up on the second hand market very often.
These radios are an excellent 'All Mode' 70cm rig. The TX and RX audio are superb and the feature set is great. The radio is ergonomically well set out and a pleasure to use.
The one thing that I particularly like about the radio is the VFO has a mechanical step in both 'Memory' and 'FM' modes, which means that it's very much like a channelised radio. In 'FM' mode, each VFO dial step is a 5khz frequency incremement and in 'Memory' mode, each VFO dial step changes the memory channel.
When you switch to SSB mode, a solenoid disables the mechanical step function and the VFO is smooth and free running with 100Hz or 10Hz increments.
The rig operates from either the internal mains supply or from 12Volts and overall, it does run slightly warm even in RX mode. TX power is variable to 25W and the fan cuts in quite early as the heatsink begins to warm up.
The blue/green fluorescent display is very clear and looks great.
Mine came with the TU-5 Tone board but aftermarket boards are also available on the Internet if you need one. The tone button displays the CTCSS tone on the display and the VFO dial steps through the different tone frequencies. Tones and offsets are stored individually per memory.
The TS-811a is capable of computer control, however you need to have an additional board fitted and aftermarket interface boards are available on the Internet also.
The sensitivity, selectivity and intermod figures are very good when compared to modern rigs.
I'm extremely happy with my TS-811a and it's definitely a keeper. On the rare occasion that one pops up for sale in VK, they are fetching around the $550+ mark.
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