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The ANTSIG AP515 UFO Boat & Caravan Omnidirectional RECEIVING antenna below has proven extremely useful on VHF-UHF on my radio scanners.

Radio Scanning is a hobby that requires a decent set of ears if you want to listen to all the VHF and UHF frequencies that cover 30 - 900 MHz with good reception.

I have owned one of these antennas for about 18 months and it does a great job on all the frequencies that I listen to in the VHF-UHF bands from my home location ( 25 Metres above Sea level within 500 metres to the beach of the Port Philip bay.) I have the antenna mounted on the flat metal roof of my home 2 stories high and it is attached to a short metal pipe about 24" (inches) long that is attached to the centre hub of an old 15 inch magnesium wheel giving it weight to be stable in the wind. ( I THOUGHT!)

Unfortunately because the roof is ridged the recent high winds blew the whole antenna and wheel onto its side and bent one of the dipoles in the middle about 20 degrees out of alignment as it hit the roof on that element. As it seemed still strong at the bend I just bent it back into shape and it returned straight without breaking at the bend point. The elements are very light weight but seem to be robust enough to do the important job of pulling the signals in from all directions.

I have not done any scientific type of evaluation on the antennas capabilities, but I have compared it to other antennas and radios operating in similar frequencies/bands that give me confidence to recommend it for the general radio scanner hobbyist looking for a great all round VHF/UHF solution.

Although it is considerably HORIZONTALLY POLARIZED with the obvious dipoles doing the reception, as it is designed for TV and most TV signals are Horizontal, it still seems to receive VERTICALLY POLARIZED signals very well.

In comparison to the following frequency dedicated transceivers

SAWTRON 990 UHF (476MHz)  &  20metres 213 to 6db mobile antenna on top of TV antenna

Kenwood TS 811A UHF ( 432 MHz ) 10 metres RG58 to 6db Mobile antenna on roof

Uniden Marine Mobile Transceiver ( 160 MHz ) 10metres RG58 to 3db boat antenna on roof

All of the above have exceptional listening capabilities on their respective bands and the results on my main two scanners from the amplified AP515 is definately comparable.

Uniden UBCD996T  -  Uniden UBC 780 XLT




High gain portable outdoor TV Antenna. Cross folded dipoles for perfect reception in all directions. AP515 is supplied with fully adjustable gain controller. The Antenna amplifier can be supplied either from the AC mains or DC power adaptor (not included). AP515 Antenna is the perfect choice for people on the move wanting to get the best TV signal anywhere around Australia. 


  • Suitable for Caravans, Boats, and mobile homes
  • Suitable for Digital TV applications
  • Omni-directional 3W Antenna
  • Suitable for VHF/FM/UHF (CH 1-12 and 21-69) inPrime/Medium reception Areas
  • High gain (Up to 36dB) with adjustable gain amplifier box
  • Two TV outputs provided
  • Built-in low noise circuit
  • Comes with 12m and 1.5m Flyleads
  • Water-proof housing and connection


  • Frequency:
    • VHF: 40-230 MHz
    • UHF: 400-860 MHz
  • Antenna Gain:
    • VHF: 28-32dB
    • UHF: 32-36dB
  • Noise coefficient: 2.5dB
    Max O/P Level: ≤ 105dBu
    Impedance: 75Ohm 
    Power Supply: 240VAC, 50Hz or 12VDC @100mA
    Size: 490 x 490 x 120 (LxWxH)

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