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This site is dedicated to everyone globally
that has ever used 27 Megs or the ELEVEN Metre Band! 
AKA  27 Mhz Citizens Band CB radio & FREEBAND   from 26.500 to 27.995 

Read our OPEN FORUMS on FreeBand DX.
Best way to keep open is to set the chat page as a desktop item so it is
always open in the background.
This is the Global index start page.

Please register yourself on the Forum with your DX Callsign and Country Postcode.

This Country Index will list all pages for DX Clubs and Operators by postcode including any other CB / Freeband activities that you request or contribute to.

We know the DX is not always running but it helps to have somewhere you can go in the meantime to keep an eye or ear on things happening out in radioland.

This site will eventually be your window to the latest propagation on 11m.

We can only do so much so any input or help will be appreciated as well as any feedback on how we are doing and what you would like to see on here.

Guy's the LIVE CHAT PAGE is there to make immediate contacts after entering your callsign and location only.

So it is quick and easy to make contacts with anyone else on there monitoring the chat page.

The idea is to open it in your browser and leave it open all the time so you can see who is dropping in just like you have to monitor a frequency for DX!



CPI - Communications Power International

  The CPI range of 27 Mhz CB radio's was, in 1978    I believe, the state of the art! - & STILL IS!

Read more

SBE - Side Band Engineers

  The SBE Console IV Base and Mobile were among the few factory scanning SSB Transceivers available over the years.

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