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This site is dedicated to everyone globally
that has ever used 27 Megs or the ELEVEN Metre Band! 
AKA  27 Mhz Citizens Band CB radio & 
FREEBAND  which could be from 26.500 to 27.995 

Read our OPEN FORUMS on FreeBand DX.
Best way to keep open is to set the chat page as a desktop item so it is
always open in the background.
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ADMIN @ CQDX11.com



  • Alfa Tango Argentina - Official site of Alpha Tango DX group in Argentina includes club information, DXCC gallery, contests, and prefix list.
  • Alfa Tango England - Information about the club including membership, resources, news update and links.
  • American Eagle SSB Club - Features historical information about the 11-meter SSB club that includes news update, photo gallery, and links.
  • American Whinah SSB DX Club - Showcases list of officers by the Pennsylvania 11-meter DX club including membership details and mailing list.
  • Bravo Golf Vaucluse - Displays facts about the Bravo Golf group including section members, with membership information, plus links on other sites.
  • Charlie Michael DX Group - Nova Scotia-based 11-meter DX group that operates in the mode called SSB, LSB and USB. Includes members offerings, forum page, net schedule, and club information.
  • Charly Alpha International DX Group - DX group in Italy provides QSL and club information, news updates, forum site, and links.
  • Cluster DK - Features Internet-based data system developed for 11-meter DX radio communication.
  • Delta Charlie DX Group - Home page contains application details, members list, DX news, plus information on frequency charts and country prefix list.
  • International Delta Echo November DX Group - Privately funded and owned entity that gives out call signs for international 11-meter band DX'ers. Includes membership information, links and contact details.
  • Delta Kilo DX Group:Germany - Features international DX club based in Germany presents club information, members list, application details, and guest book entry.
  • DX World Group - Provides Yahoo!-based 11-Meter DX group that offers message boards, discussion forums, photos, and site links to the radio enthusiasts.
  • Eco World International DX Group - Official page contains club information, Dxpedition logs, directory list, and membership of the Poland-based 11-meter group.
  • Foxtrot Lima DX Group - Includes 11-meter group facts, latest DX news, members listings, featured downloads, and message boards.
  • International Misfits CB Radio Club - Features the 11-meter DX group contains updated roster information, Citizens Band related links, and members page.
  • Knight Patrol International - Contains newsletters, membership information, club photo albums, history overview, and updated directory.
  • Lima Delta International - Provides club and membership information that includes forum page, web ring, and chat rooms.
  • Papa Uniform Radio Club - International 11-meter Citizens Band radio club provides facts about the group, its members, FAQs, links, and contacts.

Guy's the LIVE CHAT PAGE is there to make immediate contacts after entering your callsign and location only.

So it is quick and easy to make contacts with anyone else on there monitoring the chat page.

The idea is to open it in your browser and leave it open all the time so you can see who is dropping in just like you have to monitor a frequency for DX!





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