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The 10 to 30 Mtrs

Log Periodic Antenna
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Installing with a hire crane.

  Unfortunately the weight of the crane did not do the concrete driveway of Berts Sisters house much good, and the evidence was hard to hide.


This is the infamous perpetrator of the most humungous antenna in the shire of Rowville.

(So the council said anyway, 
before they told us to take it down.)

Bert had a full call and I wanted 11meters, so we compromised on a 10 - 30 Mhz Log Periodic to do the job for both of us.  Bert figured out the dimensions and we both built it from scratch buying all the tubing and bolts clamps and everything else we needed. 

The trusty Bell & Howell work Corolla getting the job of transporting all the aluminium and bits on the roof rack -JUST! We were sharing his sisters house to pay the morgage for her as she had moved into her husbands place. 

We had actually met while I was buying a Uniden 2020 from him some years earlier and had become friends over the years. Eventually to go into business to create the worlds most advanced personal computer in 1980, the EXCALIBUR 64, designed, developed and built in Melbourne by us. (BGR Computers P/L)

The completed project, a magnificent 35 foot boom Log. The ultimate wide band DX weapon for two power crazed radio nuts. All we had to do was agree on the operating times for Ham operation and CB operation without coming to blows.


( This I would not want to do, as Bert was acknowledged as one of Australia's full contact Karate Champions.)
That's why he was also the one to have to climb the tower when we had to pull it down two months later as he was the fittest and craziest!!

30 years later, & nothing's changed;-)


Guy's the LIVE CHAT PAGE is there to make immediate contacts after entering your callsign and location only.

So it is quick and easy to make contacts with anyone else on there monitoring the chat page.

The idea is to open it in your browser and leave it open all the time so you can see who is dropping in just like you have to monitor a frequency for DX!




10-30M LOG

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