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CPI - Communications Power Inc.

CP-180 / CP-300 / CP-400

The leaders in a new classs of Mobile CB Transceivers

CPI 300

CP-180/CP-300 and CP-400 Features:

  • A two-dial synthesizer that makes channel selection fast and accurate.
  • Easily read back- lighted dials are highly visible in bright sun or darkness.
  • Highly stable (-- 100 Hz) crystal oscillators de- liver superior single-sideband and AM per- formance.
  • One 3-position control knob for both SSB (LSB and USB) and AM.
  • Advanced technology RF pre-amp gives op- timum db boost with exceptionally low 1.5db noise figure (same as our Range Plus, a S9.95 accessory).
  • Exclusive CPI tuned RF-type noise blanket is a built-in standard, not an 'extra'.
  • High power JFET mixer virtually wipes out cross/inter modulation.
  • The best, most effective squelch available.
  • Automatic receiver RF gain control uses a PIN diode attenuator for unequalled strong signal performance.
  • Full-range clarifier for spot-on SSB tuning.
  • Built-in logarithmic speech compressor pro- vides super-strong average talk power with no flat-topping or Illegal splattering (bleed over).
  • Meets all new FCC modulation regulations.
  • Heavy-duty output RF transistor is emitter bal- lasted to safely withstand infinitive VSWR.
  • PA module Is removable for easy service. Total solid-state switching-no relays.
  • 8-pole crystal fliter (- 80db adjacent channel rejection) on both AM and SSB is an unequalled industry first.
  • Transmitter Automatic Level Control (ALC) as- sures full modulation of varying speech levels. Received signal strength and RF power out Indicated on one fully graduated, dual- scale meter.

Superior, built-for-CPI, TURNER microphone has built-in pre-amp with fingertip manual gain control operation. Lots of real talk power. Wide response 4," communications speaker with ceramic magnet puts out crisp, clear audio. 13.8 VDC mobile operation (115 VAC power supply is available for base operation-see below). Positive or negative ground. Reverse polarity protection. High quality industrial-grade switches for long-life reliability. Truly professional-styled steel and aluminum case Is rugged, attractive and functional. Key-lock security mounting bracket comes standard with every transceiver. No-hassle disconnect from bracket allows easy changeover from mobile operation to base station application. 100% American made.

CPI CP180/300/400


  • General Channels: CP-180 = 18, CP-300 = 23, CP-400-40.
  • Freq. Range: 26.965-27.255 MHz (CP-300). 26.965-27.405 MHz (CP-400).
  • Freq. Control: Digital synthesizer Stability: 0.001% over temp. range.
  • Lock Time: Less than one second.
  • Temperature Range: - 3OC-+ 60C.
  • Operating Voltages: 13.6VDC nom.; llVDC min.; 15.5VDC max.
  • Current Drain: 0.7A receive. 2.5A transmit.
  • Dimensions: 2-1/4"H, 9"W, 11-3/4"D (plus projections). MM: 57H, 228.5W, 298.5D. Weight: 7 lbs. (3KG).
  • Transmitter RF Power Out: SSB-12W PE.P AM-4W carrier.
  • Spurious: Harmonic: - 70db.
  • Other Spurious: - 70db, min. below mean power.
  • lntermodulation: Third Order: - 30db.
  • Fifth Order: - 40db below mean power
  • ALC: Range greater than 30db.
  • Mismatch Tolerance: Infinite VSWR at all phase angles.
  • Microphone: Pre-amplified type with adjustable gain control.
  • Mic. Connector: Standard 4-pin type.
  • Receiver Receiver Type: Single conversion. Sensitivity: At +- 10db S+ N/N: SSB: 0.25uV (- 119dbm). AM: 0.5uV(-113dbm).
  • Adjacent Channel Rejection: - 80db.
  • Ultimate I-F Rejection: - lOOdb.
  • In-band Spurious: Greater than 70db down.
  • Image and I-F Rejection: - 70db. Cross Modulation: - 75db.
  • Clarifier Range: - 1.5 kHz.
  • Receiver Audio: Total harmonic distortion less than 3% at rated 2W audio out.
  • AGC: Less than 6db audio increase at inputs from 0.5uV (- 113dbm) to O.lV (- 7dbm).
  • Squelch Sensitivity: 0.5uV (- 11 3dbm).
  • Max. RF Input: + lodbm. Speaker: Heavy-duty 4'' w/ceramic magnet.
  • PA Provisions: Yes (w/external speaker).

BA-5 Base Station Adapter.


A working partner." The CPI pedestal-type AC adapter quickly converts any CP-300 or CP-400 into an ex- ceptional base station. The sturdy, all-metal base is perfectly matched to the trans- ceiver nd includes it,s own top-quality full-range 3' x 5" front-mounted speaker This avoids audio resonances which occur from attempting to fiont-vent bottom- mounted radio speakers. The built-in electronically regulated power supply gives 13.6VDC at 5 amperes with 115VAC input. The unit features short circuit and line fuse protection and comes with line cord/plug. This stylish base adapter and transceiver combination will fit most every room decor

Anti-ripoff standard equipment." his exclusive CPI-designed mobile mounting bracket is easy to install and secures the CP-300 or CP-400 with just a turn of the key. When unlocked, the bracket swings away for easy removal of the radio. $19.95




CPI CP300-400 Mobiles

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