WINRADIO RESOURCE PAGE Australian Frequencies for HF – VHF – UHF

including Australian Frequencies
for HF – VHF – UHF

To be populated with .wrm Frequency files soon –

LIST of ALL HF Australian Frequencies Below


Communication from WinRADIO following…

1. WR-G303 series receivers
Our new USB-based WR-G303e low-cost software-defined receiver is now in
full production and attracting excellent reviews. See more details at:
Software for both WR-G303i and WR-G303e models has been upgraded for
improved performance and is now available for download at:
2. WR-G313i receiver
Having just achieved a 5-star rating from the WRTH publication (2005 issue),
this receiver has now got even better: Its software has been upgraded
and now includes a new and unique method of passband tuning. Download it here:

3. DRM
Our DRM software has been upgraded to work with our entire range
of G3 software-defined receivers, including our WR-G313i receiver:
4. Remote control for WR-G313i receivers
Control your WR-G313i receiver remotely and stream the audio
over a LAN or the Internet using our Client/Server Option. Details at:
5. Advanced Digital Suite
The Advanced Digital Suite has been upgraded for improved functionality
and is now compatible with all our G303/G313 receiver series products:
6. World-Station Database Version 2
The completely revamped WiNRADiO WorldStation Database has just been
released, containing approximately 1.6 million up-to-date records of radio
frequencies worldwide. More details at:
7. Antennas
Check out our range of HF and VHF/UHF antennas at:
The new AX-71C discone has been just very positively reviewed in the
Monitoring Times Magazine (December issue). More details at:
See also our new AX-37E UHF directional antenna for outdoor use:
8. New WR-G526e tuner
Falling into a special-application professional receiver category,
the WR-526e tuner is a wide-band 20-3000 MHz front-end suitable for
implementations of high-end software-defined radio receivers,
including phase-coherent multi-channel systems:
9. New Portable Field Strength Logging System
The PFSL-3000 system is a professional tool for measuring and logging
signal strength in a geographical area, for example for analyzing signal
coverage over a geographical area. Integrated with a GPS unit, this
system provides a simple-to-use, cost effective solution for
drive-by site surveys:

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