CB Stoner-Pro-40-1

Bought a Stoner Pro-40 from ebay in May 2015 as a buy it now for more than the Aussie national debt.

But the Stoner Pro-40 SSB base was worth it! Near as new cosmetic condition as it should be. Click the links below to go to my other sites for more information.

Stoner Pro 40 CB Radio SSB Base
STONER PRO-40 CB Radio Base Station

The Stoner Pro40 CB Base is a 1976 built state of the art CB Radio with better tech specs than many ham radios of the time. My #322 is in very good cosmetic and internal condition bus has a had a few dry solder joint issues I am working through to bring it up to scratch.

Posted by CBRadioAction on Sunday, 20 March 2016

By AX05