loop antenna made from rg58 coax

Works many HAM Bands ALSO!

Just build a 11m loop antenna made from rg58 coax. It is according to the patent-art as can be found in Google Patents. It will dx on all bands 40m and shorter. I put 100 Watts into it.


Math Pantus
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Extremely SIMPLE to DIY CB / Ham Antenna for RX & TX – SDR HF Antenna.

High efficiency antenna.
Very wide bandwidth.
No need for adjustments.
QRO use is acceptable too.
Absence of high voltage cap.

WSPR spots created with 25Watts RF into this antenna on 160m band at over 2000km distance.

My call PA3BUL.

Nigel A Gunn But it’s not a magnetic loop. 1 wavelength loops have always been popular but a loop of 1 wavelength circumference (as stated in your write-up) is not a broadband antenna.

  • Math Pantus Nigel A Gunn indeed it is not a magnetic loop, but it is a stub-loop antenna. The reference is mentioned. When capturing WSPR signals on 530m and 180m with it, it is a true magloop, as its wavelength is <<Lambda. It is a good antenna alternative to make and use with QRO or QRP. And standard coaxial 50Ohm antenna tuners can be used. In many cases there is no need for a tuner at all. My 6m loop works great at 2m, 6m and 17m band, without a tuner.
    Nigel.. build one, and you will find that it is a very wide-band design. Even the patent reference states so. This antenna covers one or more ham bands without tuning. So I call that wide-band. Bandwidth is Designed operating frequency plus or minus 20% for VSWR 1:2.5 points.
  • Alan Waldo Math Pantus Can you confirm that you only used 11m of RG58 which makes a 3m diameter circle, and you are working 40m?

  • Math Pantus Alan Waldo yes I can confirm that is is just 11m rg58 circular coax, diameter 3,6 m hexagon. It receives on 530m wspr out to 1600km and works cw and digital modes from 160m all the way up to at least 10m. Using a standard or home-made antenna tuner. Try-it you will love it! I am not into phone SSB. I need to read lips to get up to 75% of the meaning of spoken words. I can do FM on 10 and 6m, as no tuning is required.
    For 6m, 4m, 2m and 70cm I use the same design.
    The 2m version works 70cm too, as the 3rd harmonic works well. Also the 6m version works for 2m. You can hang them as a triangle from a tree, or in a square aound a cardboard box. In theory the circle works best. I would love to make one of 160m, hang it on a bridge with nylon. That should work wonders. Certainly now its winter and conditions on high frequencies are pretty dead.