I am presenting a different CB Radio Antenna. A DIY Citizens Band 27 MHz LOOP Antenna!

A CB Radio LOOP Antenna with a twist, so to speak. This is NOT a MAG Loop!

Both loops are an extension of each other with only two ends where the Coax is directly connected to each end with no additional tuning capacitor or inductor to arrive at a very low VSWR at resonance at 27.390 in the 11 Metre Band.

This CB Antenna resonates at 27.390 MHz – Dimensions are

-LARGE Loop Circumference. 11ft / 335cm Dia 41 in. / 104cm

– SMALL Loop Circ. 4ft. / 122cm Dia 15 in. / 38cm

As 27.355 LSB & 27.385 LSB are the CB frequencies I use the most, this RTL-SDR CB Loop Antenna is perfect.

Since starting on CB Radio in 1972 I have collected many classics including Tram, CPI, SBE, Cobra, Texas Ranger, DAK, Stoner, and my favourite, the Uniden PC122 CB built into a HAM Icom IC-701!

I have a log book that counts near a hundred different countries that I have contacted on CB radios inside the 27MHz Citizens Band 40 Channel legal Government allocation.

So I hope you enjoy my efforts below as its purely for a hobby!

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