What is the Mountain Radio Challenge

The MRC, or Mountain Radio Challenge, started around 1980

The idea was to see what distance could be achieved, on 27MHz using ground wave. It was common to talk interstate or overseas when the skip was running, but to get decent distance without skip was a challenge.

Originating from CBers in the North Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne we would found mountains to camp on for the weekend and see what distances we could achieve.

With some knowledge on several mountains, and some confidence in what we could achieve, we soon spread out across the country, creating a chain or link of stations.  We would pass a message from the first to the last station and back again, a version of Chinese whispers.

We have covered Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia, ACT & NSW over the years.
Best results are found after dark when the skip and other noises are at their minimum, and distances over 200km are frequently covered, with standard power.  We often have interstate stations listening out for us also if the skip is running, and these have been very helpful over the years.

If you have an interest in CB Radio, camping or 4WDing then consider the MRC.


 MRC 2015 Saturday November 28th 2015

MRC1 – Grampians – Mitchell & team
MRC2 – Mt Terrick Terrick – Michael & team
MRC3 – Melville Caves – BSB Group
MRC4 – One Tree Hill – Paul​​ & Larry
MRC5 – Mt Hickey – Tony & team
MRC6 – Mt Buller – Julyus & team
MRC7 – Mt Ginini – Matt & team

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