What is the Mountain Radio Challenge Melbourne

The idea was to see what distance could be achieved, on 27MHz using ground wave. It was common to talk interstate or overseas when the skip was running, but to get decent distance without skip was a challenge.

Originating from CBers in the North Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne we would found mountains to camp on for the weekend and see what distances we could achieve.

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DAK MK IX HYBRID SSB 40 Channel CB Radio

I wanted to use a reasonably good quality 40 Channel SSB CB radio for the donor unit to fit inside with a PC Mini Power Supply. But I have quite a few radios that would suit but I did not want to destroy any of them for this purpose. Luckily I had purchased a cheap Pearce Simpson Super Lion at a garage sale locally for $5 a few months previously which actually worked when I took it home and tried it, to my amazement.

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