How to convert Server Power Supplies for Radio Transceivers

Converting computer SERVER power supplies to make a high quality 12VDC High Current Radio?Power Supply It doesn?t normally require any modification to the supply but the hard part is figuring out how to trick them into turning on. Far and away the best way is to find someone who has already done it. By John… Read more »


At LAST! A Cobra 2000 GTL! On my CB Radio Wish list for a long time it seems. Managed to hear someone mention on CB CH#35 LSB that they had one for sale at a great price for cash asap and delivery anywhere in Melbourne. Well not quite to Portarlington, but he delivered it to… Read more »


  Loss of all transmit is just one of the common symptoms caused by one shorted tiny filter capacitor. Another one will kill all receiver audio, and another will kill all mike audio, but still show you a dead carrier on AM transmit. The part causing your failure is just one of a half-dozen of… Read more »


Computer Displayed?Location (QTH) and Callsign of CB?operators within DX range Listening (RX) or Talking (TX). While I have a few different ideas to improve the general overall usability of Citizens Band radio stations, my most wanted Wish List item is a means of recognising the general area of Location (QTH) and Callsign of CB?operators with… Read more »


COBRA RADIOS & MODIFICATIONS This page is for informational/educational use only and comprised of archival URL information with back links.? NEW INFORMATION ON THE COBRA 148 NW ST. Cobra has really shot themselves in the foot with this new radio, why you ask? I’m getting to that but first let me say that Cobra has… Read more »


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