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3 days ago


Just received a message from great friend 43AX055 Peter Newman who has been enduring a lot of pain over the last year or so and dropped out of sight after importing a few containers of classic CB Radios mid 2019.

Pete Says " I hopefully have teleconference with Dr and Pain clinic on the 30th. Hopefully I’ll be up and at it shortly after if new meds work okay. I also need another Cortisone injection in right elbow after new meds are okay as the lab is set up for right hand work with the Pace solder station. Desoldering kills my elbow without cortisone only get about 15 minutes then rest of day off recovery. If it doesn’t improve this time then I’ll have to give the game away and sell up. The meds keep me asleep a lot so that’s why no FB or messenger as it takes so long to reply."
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4 days ago


CB DX RX Melbourne Australia 18 JAN 2020 ... See MoreSee Less

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5 days ago


Well it was a long time between drinks so to speak after selling my SBE Sidebander VI I had over 20 years ago. Brenton posted it for sale on FB but I only saw it after someone else confirmed to buy it. BUT lucky for me they decided to to go ahead so I jumped in immediately and paid quick smart for it. Actually dont think it was this one but another he had as the knobs on mine dont have the clear black line. Anyway happy to have one again and it works as expected which is very well! Have you ever used an SBE model? What did you think about it?? #cbradioaction #SBE #sidebandengineers #allradiosales ... See MoreSee Less

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What is the Mountain Radio Challenge Melbourne

The idea was to see what distance could be achieved, on 27MHz using ground wave. It was common to talk interstate or overseas when the skip was running, but to get decent distance without skip was a challenge.

Originating from CBers in the North Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne we would found mountains to camp on for the weekend and see what distances we could achieve.

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