AX05 CPI CP2000 Base station

CPI – “The leaders in a whole new class of CB transceivers.”

The catch phrase of the CPI CB Radio Manufacturing company in the 1970’s.

These superlative CB Radio products were undisputed leaders with unmatched state of the art CB Radio PCB’s with advanced specifications.

The CPI CP2000 CB Radio Base Station console was an elegant and impressive looking CB radio that backed up the immaculate presentation with superlative operating characteristics that ensured an enjoyable operating experience on the 27MHz citizens band. No matter what mode of operation you chose, the CPI CP2000 CB Base astounded you with its incredibly sensitive receiver and more importantly at the time of the hight of the CB radio hobby, the selectivity of 80 db down to adjacent channel interference.

This was the CB Base radio you wanted when your “good buddy” down the road had a “peaked and tuned” Cobra with a power microphone ratchet jawing to the world what seemed like all day and night long.CPI-CP2000-WM1000-01

Ahh those were the days, you turned on the CB on any channel and mode and immediately heard other CBers from three states across covering up your CB buddy from across town!

In Australia we could hear S9 signals from all over the USA on most channels and seemed to be able to work many of them on the standard 12W SSB AND 4W AM!!

It was a crazy time and if you were not on the CB Radio those few years I really hope it comes on like that again some miraculous time in the future, as its a blast!

As I was using my well tuned CPI CP2000 Base Station and CPI BC2000 Base Console with frequency counter into the freeband on a Swiss Quad directional antenna, I worked all USA States over a short period of time.

With the MRF CB Final Transistors in the CPI CP2000 Base tuned to max clean power of 40W PEP on SSB going into the LEGAL (No Parasitic Elements) HB9 Swiss Quad that is good for at least 10 dbi in the one direction with great F/B, I tromped on most others at the time before there were CB linears coming into play.

Then I got the CPI HF150, woohoo…


More soon..See more on CPI CP2000 Click HERE


2 thoughts on “CPI Communications Power Inc”
  1. I have a CPI 2000 base radio only, not the other pieces to go with it. I can’t use it, because the dead key keeps changing on it, and it must be bad, because all my friends who run trashy rgs with all kinds of toys and echo, say it sounds bad. But, the receive is incredible!!! It would be perfect if all I wanted to do is to watergate, but I don’t know how to set it up s I could listen only, while transmitting on one of my other radios, without feeding back and problems, so it sits under a clear plastic cover, staring back at me. Each time I get the bug to fire it up again to listen, it just makes me sick. It has the most incredible receive. The best and most well known CB tech in my area won’t touch it, and as many of you know, a CB tech of just any caliber could wreck this thing in short order. I stumbled onto this site, and wondered if anyone might bed able to refer me to a proper service tech for one of these. I’d like to eventually acquire the other companion pieces to this rig. I’m told this one was a prototype that the company added a plug-in freq counter to, which plugs directly into the bottom of the radio. I have that also, and it works fine. Apparently, I just can’t transmit clearly with it. I had the mic plug wired 4 pin Cobra, as most of my other rigs have been, so most all of my mics will interchange. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all, and Merry Christmas!

  2. Hi Bill, thanks for the CPI Radio related comment. I also have a few of these unique and awesome CB radios. Unfortunately they all have problems mainly in the TX area as well. This is not to say there is any reason to think poorly of them as they are near 40 years old now and have probably transmitted many fine signals into the ether. I have all the service diagrams which I am going to put up on the website soon. They are different but a decent tech should be able to solve your problems as they TX just as well as you know they RX! Regards, Greg, AX05

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