The Tram Diamond D201A CB Radio Base Station is a classic valve powered transceiver.

 The Tram D201 range has excellent specifications and reflects this in its rich full audio receive tones and superlative transmitted studio sounding output audio.

I believe I still own one of these but it is near 18 months since I gave it to a tech to do some repairs and I am getting concerned as he did not answer my last email a few weeks ago.

I did just see an ex employee of this person who said he had asked him if he had wanted to take over the repairs but nothing has eventuated yet.

The ex employee is a long time acquaintance and well known on the CB & ham bands who has repaired my CPI CB radios many times so that gives me some hope that I may get it back at some time soon.

I bought the Tram D201A a few years ago from the USA off ebay for a great price for a fantastic condition tube type cb. Unfortunately I thought it was a PLL unit but it has xtals for the standard 23 channels. It had been modified to transmit on the VFO up to 27.500 but was slightly out of alignment on ssb.

It worked well enough to test on RX & TX and had that typical mellow full tone sound that was fully adjustable with the relevent knobs.

I cant wait to get it all working to its full potential to do a comparison with my “White Night” CPI CP2000 CB Base Station and “Black Beauty” Texas Ranger 696F SSB


Have been contacted by the Tech who now has my Tram D201 and he reports that it has some problems that need to be addressed to bring it up to factory specs which are quite high for a CB Radio Base Station. Includes replacing valves and many resistors and capacitors. Luckily there are kits available from the USA at around $30 to do this.


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