The Communications Power Incorporated USA Company CPI CP300 / CP400 is still a great CB Radio Mobile transceiver capable of working CB DX with the best of the new CB radios being produced out of Asia.

The specifications of the CPI range of CB radios are extremely difficult to better, even with new technology and electronics production methods.cpi300bAX05-CB-Double-Trouble

They were built with pride by Americans that proved the USA can build extreme quality communications devices when the motivation is there.

Built with innovative thinking across all the wanted aspects of a new citizens band radio, they pushed the boundaries of then current electronic technology to produce a premier CB radio transceiver that admittedly had a premium price.

At the time first sold in the seventies, the CP2000 Base it is probably equivalent to thousands of dollars in 2013!

Some of my favourite CB Radio’s in my collection, never to be sold!

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